I met you through PvP and every day you amaze me with your friendship

You know who you are, you deserve all the props in the world. You do, indeed make the world a better place.


This is just vague enough to toe the line between satire and wholesome


Apparently I’m a dim-witted artist with this, my biggest Tweet is ratioed to Saturn. I appreciate your attention to detail.

Pardon, editing to add: I do mean it for reals. We can acquire real, meaningful friendships through even the knuckle-draggingest part of Conan Exiles.


If you look up Vague satire and Wholesome in the dictionary you’ll find this picture. :wink:


My words exactly for all the brilliant persons I had the privilege to meet and play in this wonderful game. With some of them I remain as a friend. It is true that no matter how harsh pvp is in this game, no matter how much toxicity can birth, also with a great exception of @anon83039162, that I met here, @sestus2009 and some other exceptional persons that I played in 3728, in pvp I made real friends. People that I chat almost every day, I know their families and they know mine, I know their problems and they know mine.

YES, I totally agree @Barnes, this is one of the most wonderful truth of this feature of the game, very true.


High praise indeed for that person. The fact that you are willing to put it out publicly shows what a generous person you are also.


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