I Miss the DLCs

I timed this chapter’s battlepass. It took me a total of just under 25 minutes to complete over a few days. You have 13 weeks. If you played once every week since the chapter came out, you’d have completed it weeks ago.

To be fair, I did just pick up Conan again after a long break so I don’t know exactly how fast BP progress accumulates.

Yes because I have chests of dragon bone to waste on making hundreds of arrows I don’t need. And when that is gone I could just go get more.

I bought the first battle pass, they piratically did themselves then, now I don’t have to go out of my way for anything to get it done in a month of not trying. Not in single player, and not cheesing the settings.

You do get the actually point of the battle pass is butts in seats right? It’s all about the player count. They changed the battle pass because so many people were running to single player and cheesing through it in a day; real close to the word I want to use. They changed the BP earned through minor challenges to BP for play BECAUSE people just ran to single player and spawned in enemies till they were done. Which defeated the purpose of the pass.

So what do you think funcom will do when every goes to wiping the pass out by turboing in single player? Maybe take away single players ability to reset crafting times?

Never give a lazy man a hard job. They will always find an easy way to do it wrong”.

I never considered the old battle pass a grind. I didn’t like the distractions, or having to go out of my way to finish the minor ones, but then I’ve never been good about doing things the easy way.

If you’re starting a new game you could probably get this pass done before the next Age drops. Especially if you cheesed it; but I don’t see why you would need to early in game when you have plenty to do.

FYI: Here is another one that has been twisted to mean the opposite of it’s original meaning.
2 men in a foxhole because one man can’t pick himself up by his own boot straps”. Each man helps the other out of the foxhole. Meaning we are supposed to help people out that can’t get themselves out of the hole they are in.

Yep. Which is a known exploit they addressed in 3.0 dev stream that they aren’t going to focus on that because they feel you should be able to enjoy the challenges and not feel stressed by them. Same applies to now except they aren’t letting to cheese it all in 2 hours and never play again for 3 months.

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Single Player mode.

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Oh sure, this exploit is fine, but fence stacking is still banned. :stuck_out_tongue: (I kid, I kid)
Honestly, I have no complaints about being able to max out the BP in SP mode. And now that I know this, it’s not as galling. However, the fact that they’re calling it an exploit means that A- At some point they’ll fix it and B- If they have proof that you used and “exploit” to achieve BP progress, they can (probably) say that it isn’t valid and revoke your benefits, wasting your money. If they just said it was unintentional, but it’s fine, then that’s one thing. But calling it an exploit means they view it as a circumvention of the rules and…well… we all know how they treat exploiters.

Not hackers though. Those guys can do what they like.

Edit: On a related note, when does BP progress reset after you’ve hit your maximum levels for the day?

I’m not sure they are. In the 3.0 dev stream that @erjoh is referencing, they didn’t use the word exploit at all. From what I remember, they saw there were people saying “but if people can do BP in single-player, then they can cheese it” and they said something along the lines of “Don’t you think we thought about that?”

The idea behind the BP is to incentivize people to play the game relatively regularly. Being able to cheese it in single-player shouldn’t be a big deal. Ideally, the game should be fun enough that you’ll want to play it, and the BP should not introduce too much friction. If players prefer to cheese it in single-player, that means either the game is not fun, or the BP is not good enough, or a combination of those two.

They ended up changing the way BP works in order to reduce friction and remove some of the incentive to cheese it in single-player, but you’ll notice they didn’t make it impossible to use single-player to make progress.

I imagine they’ll keep trying to streamline and improve the BP, and that they’ll only resort to something as drastic as disallowing BP in single-player if they don’t have a better way.


This is inaccurate.
For this one’ buck, the Battle Pass is entirely a worse price than the DLCs.
The cost to buy the pass outright is absurd.
The alternative, of a one time investment of a pittance, but then having to level up the pass, involves work on this one’s part. It’s in game work, but it is still this one’s time being used in a way other than as this one pleases.

Those whose time isn’t valuable, or who aren’t compensated much for it, may discount this. That is fine for them. But just because their leisure time is worthless does not mean others have the same situation. This one’s time to engage in drudgery (per hour) basements at just over the amount of money that acquires 7800 cc.

The claim that the BP will be completed during normal play is also disingenuous in the extreme. What is “normal play”? It’s a fake narrative invented by marketing slurms.

The 1200 CC buy in is the hook to drive engagement. Sink that cost so you feel obligated to play. Do your digital job.
For those who enjoy paying for the privilege of being told what to do (which is fairly common it seems, there is good money to be made helping children with too much money by making decisions for them), it’s just mandatory fun time.
But for those otherwise inclined, it can be a very different animal.

But in short, the BP (as all BPs are) is another aspect of how disgusting the whole industry is becoming.
When this one purchases something, this one wants it at the time of transaction. This one doesn’t see value in paying for the privilege to then work for the product over weeks.

For those tracking, the actual CC cost of the battle pass if you aren’t going to engage in digital drudgery is 8400 the first time and 7200 subsequently
60 levels, at 1800cc/15 levels is 7200
1200 (refunded) for the initial buy in.

Edit: And because it bears mentioning, this one does think that the Battle Pass as implemented in this game is one of the more benign ones. As far as such things which this one loathes go, it’s one of the least atrocious.
This one has always noted that they despise Battle Passes.
That’s a complete thought and has never encountered an exception.
But to their Credit, Funcom has made one that is comparatively less offensive.


And that is an opinion.

Let em expand upon that, even though I love the way you write, I still disagree on several of your points.

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It is an opinion.
But you posted an Axiom.

Bang for buck does not hold true for this one.
This one takes exception to your specific point of

“To anyone”.

That is the crux of disagreement.
On matters of opinion, it is good and healthy to disagree.
Presenting a matter of opinion as universal truth, however, is less so.

This one agrees that for many players/payers, the Battle Pass will most certainly be more efficient, especially as more passes mount and that same initial 1200 CC buy in recycles in to more and more content.

But for others, it isn’t 1200 CC.
It’s 7200 CC (+ 1200 CC once) or 1200 CC + busy work time.
And even discounting the 1200 CC buy in, 7200 is significantly more than what a DLC sold for and rewards at significantly less.

Edit: To further clarify, the Cost of the Battle Pass transcends the purely financial and wanders into intangibles. These intangibles will have significantly varying value to different people.


If I had to pay for the battle pass each time I’d agree, but this is one pay endless{so far} content just for playing the game you are going to be playing anyway.

When working with previous DLC continent the game didn’t pay me to use it. It certainly didn’t pay me enough to buy the next DLC.

You mean actually playing the game?

The only issue I had with the previous battle pass was all the constant side tracking while playing; kill a hyena, now I need 9 more.

My leisure time in not worthless. It’s a dime an hour.
Let me explain, I expect 200 hours of game play from a $20 game, so a dime an hour; Enshrouded still owes me 40. That has been my measure of a game since the first God of war; and why I usually refuse to spend more the $20 on a game. $60 for a game I finished in 8 hours with 0 replay value.

Now I wouldn’t equate leisure time to a working pay scale, seems absurd to me, but I’ve done labor jobs most of my life. I can see if your leisure time is limited you’d put more value on that time, but most leisure time activities don’t pay you to do them.

Yes, your figures don’t give you a croms per hour value. Figure cheesers and newbies. Cheesers whip the pass out in a day so their hourly would be quite high. Where as a newbie, not wanting to cheese it, but not high enough level to do the weeklies or anything of a high BP pay out’s, hourly would be quite low.

i think LostBrythunian’s point is really that your leisure time algorithm is your definition of bang for buck. they are just taking exception to your presentation of it as “the way” as opposed to “a way”
for the record, i agree with you. for me, i bought the BP, and keep it rolling with no further monetary investment. i prefer to cheese it at the beginning and get the BP done so i can focus on modding the game since i enjoy that more than playing the game, but for me the BP is fine. if i had any real criticism against the BP, is the large amount of filler content like plates and tapestries and deco items that don’t align with my playstyle, but for the RP dollhouse players, they probably don’t consider that stuff filler.

in general, i wish people around here would stop arguing and trying to one-up each other. it’s a discussion forum, not debate club. is it really that important to ‘win the internet’?


No. Full stop. This is the crux.
What if this one didn’t feel like playing the game for a few months? Or if this one’s free time was limited due to realities of this one’s profession and obligations? But this one wants the BP items…
This is an expectation on this one’s time. The cost is not just the CC, but also the time that must be invested. The mandate on participation, especially it is a limited time window, is the heart of the matter.
Otherwise, it is the full buy rate which is the actual cost of the BP to have, in full, at that moment.
Which is what the DLCs were, a transaction to have in full at that moment.

We look at expectations upon free time differently.
Which is fine.
You are looking at the game as perpetually entertaining regardless.
This one is fixated upon the mandates upon this one’s time.

You are correct for you. Not implying otherwise.
But your viewpoint is not universal.

That having been said, and it appears we are falling in to a circling posture on this…
This one does not see this fundamental difference in perspective aligning on this matter.
Are you content to agree to disagree?


The exception is not the rule.

The whole point is that is no “rule”. Different people have different situations and approach their free time in different ways.

In other words:

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Well I, for one, am always content in myself being disagreeable.

Telephone, n. An invention of the devil which abrogates some of the advantages of making a disagreeable person keep his distance.

-Ambrose Bierce

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As you reject this one’s offer to accept irreconcilable differences…

Cite your sources for this rule.

You cannot. Because there is no rule. You are making it up, it is a fabrication of your own internal suppositions and imaginings bolstered by reason as you see it.

Like the dinner from a day or so ago, it comes freely from your fourth point of contact and reeks of it’s status of no longer having any of the wholesome qualities it’s constituent components possessed before being tortured thru numerous processes both percussive and caustic.

But of course, the jarate marinated cherry on the steaming alternative fudge sundae is that your own flailings at others about not speaking for others or establishing one’s personal standards as rules comes home to roost.

Janus, both of your faces are on display.

Honestly you are inferring more then I intended to imply.

Then, for the benefit of the slow-witted old man, would you please imply less and state more directly.

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