I miss the old Conan Exiles, I really do

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Back in the day before all the gimmicks were added and all of the pointless new items were added this game had exactly what it needed. When you logged in you had a feeling of how am I going to do this or how am I going to do that. You had to actually think about how you were going to get iron if you lived in the south, you had to actually think about how you were going to get lotus for pots and bandaids if you lived in the north. Temperature was a killer but it wasn’t insta death if you didn’t have the best cloths for the region because you could use your perks to adjust to where you lived. Everywhere you went something or someone was trying to kill you and the best weapon of the day was an ancient Kopesh (or however you spell it). You put on your armor and your best weapon and actually had to work to farm your resources. From snarling wolves that came from nowhere and chased you in packs to crazy pigs that would rip you up, all the way down to cobras and scorpions everything was a threat in someway. Need spider silk or ocher? well you had better put down a bed roll cuz most likely you were gonna die at least once in the spider cave. Need black ice or star metal? most likely the saber tooths or wolves were gonna kick your butt a few times if you weren’t actually careful. Npc AI was rather dumb but it was good enough to keep you on your toes. You weren’t able to go to the pirate ship with a thrall and knock out the place and pick and choose the crafter you wanted. You had to fight and sneak your way in and hope that the one you want is there and that you can drag them out alive. Nothing was given to you back then. Even if you were level 60 with the good armor and the top weapon fighting your way into the black ice temple to use the forge or get black ice, or into the silent keep for the hearts that were needed for the armor and weapons was a 50 50 gamble. There was excitement, fear and a sense of acomplishment for everything. From the time i bought the game when it was first released for sale till the time I basically quit playing I put in over 3000 hours because the game was really fun bugs and all. I totally got my moneys worth but I really wish we could go back in time.


The old Conan was crap compared to what it is today.


I think this is really the key to your feelings. It’s not the old features you miss, it’s the novelty experience. Even if they rolled back the game to how it was in May 2018, you wouldn’t get the same feeling because you don’t get rolled back to May 2018.

No game lasts forever. 3000 hours is a respectable number for any game to hold a player’s attention and interest. Most AAA games can be completed in ~30 hours, so you’ve already got a hundred games’ worth out of Conan Exiles.

Missing the “good old days” is an entirely human feeling. Nothing wrong with that. But objectively speaking, those old days weren’t actually better than today. I’ve used outhouses (aka. jakes) on multiple occasions, but I feel like a flushing toilet is definitely an improvement.


That is why I shall think twice before buying a game without random procedure generated maps or at least generated events. I used to hope the Purge could be such event, but it takes week of otherwise pointless actions to build purgemeter up to 100% and then hope it won’t be skeleton suicide squad, diving into magma under your bridge in Volcano (which is a needed because of walls war of DLC-show off theme park builders).

Randomly generated content is often dull and repetitive, unless the developers put a lot of effort into it.


Good point.

I miss the game before climbing.


Agreed 100%. What the OP said sounds like work. No thank you.

I like the game WAAAAAAAY better now than before.

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That’s exactly my point…it was gritty…it was basic and it was FUN!

I have an idea i suggested. A Solo dungeon, that RNG’s the design, NPC spawns, and the End Boss. And it is all scaled to the players level. The loot, the NPC health pools, NPC damage. Even add in destructible doors ways so one could use explosive on them. Have to use some climbing skills. It would be some coding involved, But basically a decent sized empty zone, that would have a labyrinth of sorts spawn in. And it was entered from somewhere on the map, but when done, it put you at your bed/desert/bedroll. I envision something like the demons for the '84 Conan movie that take your body off to a purgatory world.

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Nostalgia talking here. The game is much better now. I was there when it was 1st person only and lots of issues.

I actually Role Play my character as living in this world. Dad has a theory (very good one) that these Exile Lands are of two places…#1 east of Anshan South of Venipur…or #2 Uttara Kuru. When I travel about these lands I place myself into my character. I rarely go to the Unnamed City because of how foreboding it is. So I make missions and will not Meta Game (meaning self induced memory wipe) to keep things fresh an in perspective. I love playing this game…sooooo much better than the early access Conan Exiles.

And…you CAN easily make Conan Exiles and gritty difficult adventure. The game settings are there to make this as realistic as YOU want. I know…I have been doing it for a loooong time now. Cannot play without it.


i miss fps pvp

I believe every advancement to the game has proven to be a good thing, even those I hated at first,
except one.

I would really like the old pre-combat update archery back. while it’s true many people complained it was broken, if you knew how to use it properly it was awesome.

And I don’t think it was overpowered because if an enemy got into melee range you had to switch to melee also.

And it took real skill to use you needed to estimate the distance and drop rate. Short range and target lock bows are for people with no understanding of real ranged combat.

I wouldn’t even mind losing all those posh arrows, just give us a set poison arrow and a flame arrow then be done with it.

Archery was better before there even was an accuracy skill.

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There is a mod for that!
I missed too so I started researching on steam workshop and I got the one.

I mostly miss…

  • Nudity, Whats point of having it set to “Full” If its only ever you. And maybe random topless females or males. Everyone has loin cloth on… inless its glitched purge. XD

  • Nude Thralls… (crafting) Darfari wearing Darfari, Cimmirains topless…

Now…they all have that stupid turban I wish was deleted from game… and darn apron I wish would go to hell. So happy I have some Legacy Thralls… I can not stand the apron-turban wearing ones.

  • I miss abit of old climbing, (before roll/movement changes) you use to be able to take leaps of faith, and just grab something on way down… now… your kinda sol… and to many random spots were you just fall off.

  • Sandstorm and how it worked.
    At ps4 release… you could crouch near rock, cliff face, small ledges… and hide form it… Not 100% hide, but you could live it, and pray nothing was near by that wanted to fight.

Now… Mask or Shelter, cause 95% of map no longer lets you hide… a shame.

  • Old Animations for some of weapons. I miss the old great sword, and over-hand swing.
    Same for glaive and spear which lost its wide arc… The Arc swing needed to be better… but o-well.

  • Cost of some of t3 buildings… And some of changes in general… Bleh. Hit or Miss.
    Several of methods of getting Ichor, resin etc… small stupid changes.

Sure theres a few I miss…


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