I Need a Answer Funcom

Is there any other method of getting in contact with support other than zendesk?

Trying to figure out what i did to get permabanned with my main account , they always reply with exploiting , but i have always been a person that tries my best to fight exploits or report them .

The only possible reason i could think i got permabanned would be for bodyvaulting , Or two of my character names (sadcom or eatMyShortSword ) other than that it must have been a error .

Before anyone asks, yes i have gone to zendesk to see why , but all i get is , It seems you have exploited so we cannot lift your ban sorry .

I personally just want to know what i did to exploit :joy:

If any admins read this could they maybe find out , so i dont do what ever i did on my second account , thanks .


Personally I feel you should get a if not detailed report at least not a generic report. @Zeatros

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The one you speak to on Zendesk is pretty much the highest authority you will ever be able to reach. Zendesk isn’t some nebulous office in the middle of nowhere. Its a webservice Funcom server moderators use to check out issues with their servers or with Live Services issues.

The person who banned you as well as the person who can unban you is the one you are in correspondence with when you use Zendesk. Suffice to say, the forums are an entire different thing and you won’t likely get any help directly here.

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Much of the Forum is currently more used as a kind of Discord group - a general chat group between game players with some levels of moderation.

As @Taemien has said, Zendesk is the avenue to use - as with most company feedback channels, issues are dealt with via one channel, in this case, Zendesk.


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