Where do I go from here!

This is the general response I get from zendesk every time I get a suspension, I can not appeal as it’s not a permanent ban…I do not dare risk playing on my account due to the content i own … i understand they are busy but people are getting banned because they simply don’t look into reports!

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Have you tried doing what their reply says?

Yes …

Then I personally can’t think of anything else. Hopefully someone else on the forums will have a better idea… :confused:

They changed the wording slightly but same response :v:This was the 1st response actually


Do you see the problem here,

Sounds like a reply I’ve got from a medical doctor. “We’re too busy to do a checkup, I hope your condition has improved on your own.” The problem is probably the same too - not enough resources or manpower.

I’d like to say that the current seemingly inconsistent enforcement of building rules, as well as the difficulty in contacting anyone to appeal, is the reason why I don’t play on officials, but my actual reason is that there are other people on officials. The building rules (or rather, the unclear communication and poor appeal channels) would be the reason if the people didn’t bother me.


Or play on officials and follow the vague and arbitrary rules, hoping you do not get banned and don’t complain when you do.

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I’m not complaining honestly I have not lost my account yet because I use alts, the game is amazing and I have no problems with what funcom does content wise, I’m frustrated with zendesk and the terms and conditions for pvp! The rules make it impossible to play without toxic spam reports jumping at every chance.

If you try express your experience of the game you are marked as complaining on the forums about the status of official servers and told to contact zendesk.
So you do. Then zendesk send you round in circles and never actually give you a proper reply
I still play! I just do not buy things anymore!even tho I really want too😅

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I got perm banned due to “build blocking” from what was likely mass reports from hackers we ran off the server.

I sent a professional email with all required details and a ticket number to a previous(unanswered) ticket where I had requested help in getting build pieces deleted from the map that I can not reach.

Three days later I got a copy paste response that explained ban levels and telling me if it was permanent that I could appeal it and asking for all the details that I had already sent them.

The ToS says
Suspensions are not appealable (by the time you get a reply your suspension would be over anyway, so no point)
Bans are appealable (but as they have deleted the evidence it is unlikely even if you had done nothing wrong)

The only place that you can go from here is to become a non paying ‘NEW’ player like all of others.

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Theory is they’re trying to push the players to private so they can shut official servers. Would explain the no investigation bans, the non existent support for issues, and the ability of hackers to stay on a server for months driving people away.


They delete the base. I certainly hope they don’t delete the evidence, but document each case of action taken against a player.

i believe this too. They practically admitted it in the dev stream when they admitted that their own base that was built for the upcoming treasure room feature would be considered claim spam so they had built it on a private server. How do they expect us to use new features when they cannot do it within their own rules.


I think that it is unlikely that they document it other than in their Zendesk inbox but you would probably need a court of law to get them to show you anything. Which is probably a little too extreme and out of budget for most people.

Maybe you should avoid getting suspended?

Try to read the rules sometime. It might help with your experience of the game.


We got done for land claim once but the base didn’t even get deleted, knowing we were suspended the guy that spam reported took full advantage and raided it the next day knowing there was nothing we could do about it.

You do realize that they’re the ones who control those servers and that shutting them down is as easy as some suit saying “the official servers are not worth the money we’re spending on them, shut them down”, right?

I’ll never understand the tinfoil-hat idea that Funcom has to “try to push players to private servers”. Remember when they merged official servers because they had too many that weren’t in use? Did they ask people politely about their opinion and say “please, sir, can we merge a few servers”? Or did they say “we’re doing this, here are the reasons why, sorry for the inconvenience, hf gl”?

You know what else would explain the “no investigation bans”? The fact that we only have the word of those who got banned, saying that there was “no investigation”.

Just like the rest of your theory, this part also falls afoul of Hanlon’s razor: never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.

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Oh trust me I stick to the terms and conditions the best I can… I could build a trebuchet outside your base in pvp and you can get done for land claim or building harassment if the person reporting knows what they are doing.

Typical NWO behaviour…

(Jokes I hate the ban meta too)

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