I need Gold Dye help

How do I get Gold dye that was used on the Royal armor? I tryed all of the yellows but none of them match…

There is no golden color that can be applied by us, as far as I know. The metallic sheen comes from the material, if it is supposed to be metal. If the part that you want to color is not metal, then you will not get the metallic sheen you seem to be looking for.
Experiment a bit with the yellows and/or light orange on metallic and non-metalic armor, to see what I am talking about.
But you can not make something metal that is supposed to be leather or cloth.


as @Starwalker said, it depends on the material you apply the color to.
All armor has base under coat color and lighting effects. that is why basic red on SL looks crimson, but on default lighter colored armors, it is bright red.
Experiment to test out the different variations to see if there is something you would like.

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