I need Help about 2 years sezon pass

I bought a 2 year season pass to support you although I have a few dlc, but i did not get steel dlc pack. Steam wants me to pay for the dlc. I’m waiting for your help.
mail : [email protected]

“Riddle of Steel” is not included in the Year 2 season pass. See any of the many topics already covering this topic for further discussion.


The Season 2 pass includes the four DLCs listed in its description. The Riddle of Steel was an “extra” DLC on top of the Season Pass. Apparently it couldn’t be included in a DLC bundle because of the movie licencing contract prevented that.

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Yeah… :smiley:
Which licence prevents stuff from being released within a season pass?!?!

Conspiration time:
More realistic scenario: For using the movie staff, they had to pay extra money and to not reduce the revenue of the season pass, you have to pay extra for it.

This doesnt negate my theory. Because, when the license restricted them to be sold via the season pass, why not give it away for free??

Because they had to pay license cost to include things from the movie… :wink:

Why not give everything for free? Because it costs the company money to produce the assets. And yes, of course using the likenesses of Arnold and others will have cost them extra. They’re not trying to hide that fact.

License contracts can be a huge mess (see for example the fight around the Star Control IP that has lasted for years), and Funcom is most likely not allowed to explain all the gritty details in public, but it’s definitely possible that the contract includes a clause along the lines of “this product may not be sold at a discount for X period of time” because the license holders gain a percentage of the generated revenue instead of a set sum per item sold, and including that item in a bundle would be considered selling at a discount.

Could also be true… :wink: Thats why I wrote “conspiration time” :smiley:

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