I need help fixing Co-Op

So i have a problem that i can not seem to get fixed. So in Co-Op i can join my friend just fine but the moment he tries to join me he can not connect with it saying he lost connection… We have tried ever thing from porting the game to complete file checks and nothing has seemed to work. Please help

I’m not an expert of the co-op, but let me understand: you’re able to join him (in his PC) but he’s unable to join you on yours, it’s correct ?

If so, it could be because your internet provider or the software installed on your PC.

For example here in Italy we have one Internet Provider (the one I use) not providing you a public IP adress, because all its users are on a Internet provider net wich is connected to internet via proxy. In that situation it means you’re able to directly connect to others on internet but not viceversa.

Or, maybe you have some defence software (like firewalls or something like that) installed on your PC wich prevents others from connecting to you.

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