I need help locating a couple of mods

I saw on some servers, I saw a mod were you can change the looks of your thralls by using the ring menu.

I don’t think it’s CharEditLite. It was a mod that when you change the look of your thralls it puts them on the wooden cross so you can change their bio, religion, and everything like in character creation. Do y’all know the name of that mod?

Also what’s the name of the other mod that allows you to pick up your thralls and put them back into your inventory?

I’m no expert (and don’t actually use mods), but for changing looks etc, you may be after “Fashionist”.

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Nono, Fashionist is only for what kind of armor and warpaint is visible on your character.

CharEditLite allows you to spawn a mirror via admin. You can use this mirror to edit your character‘s appearance. Then you are also able to save this appearance in shard items which everyone can use on their character and thralls.

I think the mod is “sidekicks”. You can change Thrall like you create a new char for yourself there.
Also we use Better Thralls with this.
Fashionist is for you and your working thralls.

Fashionist is a possibility. If you haven’t used it for a while have a look. It has changed quite a bit.
You can outright make-up your guards and it got a thrall station to re-equip craftstmen.

The thing with CharEditLite is: it lets you completely modify your character. If you want a stable community you can’t offer this mod. Fashionist only allows you to put on some new eyelashes.

Oh yeah, it’s CharEditLite. I was working on a goblin town, complete with “airship”, until life got too busy and I had less time to play anymore. I made all my thralls short and green, it was great. I wish I had screenshots.

Those are not the mods that does that. I know those mods already.

What mod puts your thralls on the hanging cross and allows you to edit everything in detail including height, bust, and endowment size?

I just made a reply to ask a detailed question about the mod I’m looking for.

Why in the world is my reply deleted in my thread?

There is no mod which has the possibility to edit Thralls while hanging on a cross. The playercharacter editor at the beginning does this, but there isn’t a mod which does the same for Thralls. There are 3 Mods, which can edit the appearance and looking of a Thrall: Emberlight (outfit and apearence only for beard,hair,tattoos incl colors), Character lite edit (appearance) and Fashionist (outfit). None of them are using crosses. There are only 2 Mods which got the possibility to crucify Thralls. Thrall war Dungeonmod and Crassus. But these mods can’t change the outfit and appearance of Thralls.
To pick up Thralls again you have to search for the mod Better Thralls by Testerle. The pick up is only functioning if the Thrall has nothing in his inventory. There are further settings which you can use for this function.


It’s Improved Quality of Life that has that option. Only for your toon & placeable thralls. Not for bench thralls.

I believe its emberlight that has a thrall vanity that allows you to change working thrall appearance but i don’t think that is what you’re looking for but either better thralls, sidekick, or improved quality of life may have what your looking for

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CharEditLite will allow you to change bench thralls, but they aren’t put “on the cross” to do it.

There is a mod that does that and I have seen it on a server. I wouldn’t have made this post if that mod doesn’t exist. Before I left the server I used to use the crap of it.

Sorry I forgot Improved Quality of life. But do you really put Thralls on a cross to customize their appearance? I thought it’s done by radial menu.
@StormKat2035 What was the name of the server you were playing on?

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@TwoJay, you pick the customize option from the radial menu, then it takes you to the cross setup screen with extended sliders exposed. Muzlu gave us plenty of toys to play with.


Oh cool, that’s a nice concept. @StormKat2035 Tank to weylund we found your Mod. :+1: That’s community.


No I thank both of you! I thank everyone in this thread for your patience! This was very professional. I loved it. I will download that mod asap. :slight_smile:


@StormKat2035 glad to hear it was found.

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