Thrall customization utility

My wife will kill me, but I want this:

Any chance we could get an external utility that lets us customize a Thrall’s appearance to import into our game?

I have a massive crush on Valentina Shevchenko and I want her. I mean…to have. As a follower. To beat up people!


(Yes, my wife knows I have a crush on Valentina!)



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Looks like these ladies would fit right into the game. She could be used as a model for Valeria (from Robert E. Howard’s Red Nails).

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There are some mods that allow customization of thralls, but I don’t know to what degree (I don’t use mods myself… yet).

It’d also be possible to create a mod adding a new thrall to the game, made to look somewhat like the object of your fascination there, but obviously that requires a lot of work and skills that most people don’t have. Though you could learn, and it’d be an interesting and relatively manageable project to do so on, I should think.

While it won’t help those on Officials or Consoles obviously, the PC mod you might want to check out that does this is CharEditLite, and it would be wonderful if its functionality was incorporated into the base game.

In terms of what it allows? Pretty much everything. Server admins even have menu options to enable players to have access to color controls outside the normal ranges and a separate option to enable the sliders to go past their normal ranges (both default to disabled). With such options, you could have pink hair like @Berserker wants, or make yourself or your thrall as big as Ladagara. Customization of workbench thralls is also possible.

Additionally it has a mechanism that allows you to save appearances to in-game items (shards) or even copy the values so you can paste them into a text file or from a text file into the editor.


One issue with increased and decrased sizes is that it affects your reach, hitbox and collision. You can be uber small and crawl inside bases through their windows, climbinb through fences and so on.

Being big also increases your reach.

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I will be sleeping on the couch tonight, but it will be worth it.


Yep, my server effectively has a couple halflings in one clan, and a giantess in another. We’ve also had fun swapping some appearance shards around, so there are both a mini and a giant @Gavinrad thralls running around now. Quite a lot of fun! :joy:


Mini Gavin and Gavinus Prime are saying hello :wink:


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