Mod or other way to change thrall skin color?

Can someone point me to a mod or other way to change the skin tone of some of the thralls in the game?

In the 170+ hours that I’ve played this game I’ve seen very, very few white / light-skinned thrall candidates. The majority of exiles and tribal people are dark skinned and I would like to change that in that my game. It just feels wrong, especially in today’s social climate, to have so many thralls (ie: slaves) be people of color.

FYI, I play Conan Exiles on PC via Steam, in case that makes a difference.

I don’t have any experience with it, but I think Pippi is the mod you’re looking for.

@Firespark81 @Wak4863 or anyone else, can you confirm or deny?

Oh no.

Oh no no no

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No Pippi? No skin change?

Additionally, you could be looking in the wrong areas. The Nordheimers in the north tend to have a fairer skin tone on average.

So white slaves are ok, black ones not. That sounds weird…
Come on. It’s just a game. And it’s not political correct because you will cut people to pieces, knock them out and put them on a wheel of pain.

But i think there will be a mod that will make your black slaves white.


As far as I know emberlight mod has this option.


Can confirm Emberlight has the vanity table to change your thralls appearance. However you have to change the appearance before placing your fighters, archers, bearers, and dancers.

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Thanks @bbtech for bringing into the conversation.

There’s a mod on the workshop that’s called iQoL, and it allows you to fully customize the looks of your thrall. To give you an idea, the last server I was playing on they use the AoC mod, so I made myself look like a drow elf. Thanks to the iQoL mod, I was able to make every single one of my thralls not only look like a drow, but I could customize every aspect of their bodies.

On another server before, I was going with a goblin theme, so I made all of my thralls short goblins. For grins n’ giggles sake, I made one of my dancers really fat and nasy, then I left her in the middle of the server town for all to see. lol

The best file for editing thralls and your character, that doesn’t add any of the extra things that those other mods do, they’re all good mods. But they add more things than I want or need.

If you want versatility in a small easy to use package you want CharEditLite

You just make mirror, then a shard, edit the shard in your inventory, then place it in the thralls inventory and click apply. And it works on bench thralls by putting the shard in the bench while the thrall is on the bench. you can edit the outfits too, you just toggle that effect.


So instead of slaving dark skinned people you are now slaving white ones to feel better about yourself?
What about thinking of them other than slaves? i think of them as my friends, for example, they are here by their own choice, it happens that in this world they need to be struck by a truncheon multiple times and be forced to push a giant log for no reason in the wheel of pain before accepting your friendship…


I don’t run mods, but I know I’ve seen you and Firespark showcase mods in your videos. Figured one of you would probably know.


Definitely this one. It can be used to alter the appearance of your thralls, including workstation thralls, in any way you like. You can also change workstation thrall clothing with it, and even change their gender. And it doesn’t add any new, crazy features if all you want is changing the cosmetic look of your thralls.


It seems to me that Emberlight does not make “critical” changes to appearance. For example you can dye hair but you can not change eye color. Vanity changes only features that you can change IRL without cosmetic surgery.

Thanks all who have replied. I plan to give CharEditLite a try.

FYI, it’s not that I believe one race over another makes better thralls (ie: friends, slaves, workers, captives, etc.) It’s just that with all that’s going on in real life society today, I can’t help but be hyper aware of the game’s thrall demographics. So yes, I suppose I want to do this to make me feel better about myself. Besides, variety makes for a more visually interesting game, don’t you think?

Personally, I don’t care if you’re the nicest person on the planet or the most racist person on the planet. You asked a question and I tried to help get it answered. I don’t really care about anything beyond that.


There’s actually variety! You just didn’t push far enough north. What really happens here is that the darkest guys are the most savage, which follows the Conan lore, which relies on novels written in the 1930s, when most people were oblivious to how racist they were…
You can get yourself an “all white” army if you want, but you will find these guys much harder to knock out than the darfari cannibals :slight_smile:


The average skin color of even people like Cimmerians and Hyboreans in the game is pretty dark, though. I suspect it’s because these people have a random skin color from a set number of choices from the lower end of the slider, but there are actually fewer pale/white skin tones than there are tanned/Mediterranean/Latin American/Middle Eastern scale skin tones on the slider, resulting in a higher than average number of people with darker skin than expected, among ethnic groups who are described as “white”.

Sure, baking on the cross for X time before getting rescued, and running around naked in the desert sun for a lot of time can give you a nice tan, but I suspect the number of darker-than-expected people in the game is the result of miscalibrating the random appearance generator.

I don’t mix real-world politics into the game because both the Hyborean Age, as well as the time when the stories were written, were very different from today. Many of the things we do in the game are considered wrong, even abhorrent, in the modern day (and some things, such as cannibalism, were considered abhorrent by the Hyboreans too). Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do those things in the game - just make sure when going to work that you’re aware you’re in the real world and not in the game world. If you spot a pretty girl on the street, don’t club her unconscious, bind her and drag her home. There may be consequences (worst case scenario: marriage).

Aaaanyway, I was just here to promote CharEditLite for your cosmetic surgery needs.


Well there goes my plans for the evening.