I really need help i cant find mt max char on pvp server on xbox keeps asking me to make new one

I have a lvl 60 char on 2202 sever on xbox I was on it just few hrs ago and when I try to log in its keeps taking me to new char I really need help

If you are reffering to a dedicated server, it may be that the server got wiped, but otherwise I’m clueless! :thinking:

And you have not bean on Another server? What server is it?

2202 on xbox I think I may of made new char not meaning too

no I have a clan I was mid raid and I try to take bracelet off and I think rushing I made new char im on make new char screen can I get my old max char back

Im afrade you old caracter is deleated and cant come back, Do you have a clan frend that can re invite you to the clan or was you the boss?

If that’s what happened, and this server is an official one, I’m afraid you’re SOL. Sorry mate! IMO it’s a rather glaring mistake to have that functionality (“remake character”) there, but despite repeated requests it persists.

At the very least they ought to have you type in the name of the character you’re deleting, the way many other games and services do.

@Mikey do players think they are entering their inventory and then click it, or is there a hotkey or something? (btw I know no game where ESC = Inv)

No, they’re talking about “Remove Bracelet” - aka the “kill yourself and respawn” button in the main menu, which is located right next to the “recreate character” aka “permanently and irrevocably destroy your character” button.

Both feature an “are you sure?” popup, but as it’s common to use the “remove bracelet” option a lot, most people will click through it without reading in moments of stress.

It’s self-inflicted, in the end, but it’s still a poor choice to have that option there IMO.

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Ah, forgot there’s also a ‘new character’ button in the ESC menu. I didnt think someone would kill themselves mid-raid though (unless being raided maybe.)

However, I should suggest that you and @zerog move to the Suggestions forum to vote on that to get some attention.


Haha sure though this suggestion has been up many many times already and so far no effect. Then again the same can be said for the ‘encumbered…’ message that is in the current TestLive, so… who knows.

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