I spent a bunch of money so you don't have to! (Agent Booster Packs)

I must have been pretty lucky. :eyes: I bought a 5 agent booster pack and picked up 4 agents from it. But then I bought a 10 agent booster pack and picked up only one agent, a duplicate. Today, in my free agent booster, I received another new agent, making a total ratio of 6 agents out of 16 boosters (one a duplicate). Didn’t feel too terrible.

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I had a feeling it’d be a bit like this. Since it’s an agent booster pack it’d be nice to see the agent drop rate a bit higher. Not to mention 200 USD worth of packs should clearly drop more than one epic agent. Not saying they should be a super high drop rate since I assume there is at least a small chance to get them from drops as well, but that rate seems really low for the money invested in it for me.

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I could be wrong but I believe the boosters aren’t really meant to flood people with agents, you still get like 20% in them for agents which is compared to mission farming extremly better but not that good that you could buy yourself the full rooster and be done with the agent system. Think of it like trading card boosters…the good stuff is rare there too and you get a lot of doubles.

I hope that line of thought makes sense.


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Couple more agents found on Auction.

Aleksey Volkov
Lama Lhakpa

Her level 25 is +325 healing and level 50 is +8% Power Damage.
Dropped for me in Scorched Desert.

I can confirm what Porter has said. I also just got Terry Laputo from a Scorched Desert mission. She does, indeed, grant +325 Heal Rating and 8% Power damage.

Tiana Cardoza : drop from NY raid - +150 crit power rating, 127 healing on critical heals. She also has 2 traits from the start.

Alessandro Luzio IV : 325 heal rating, +20% elite damage

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Another one.

Cveta Stojanovic

Dropped from Egypt regional lair boss.

So I found an interesting one that’s not consistent with any of the 40 agents most of the other spreadsheet lists contain. Margot Crowley-Mathers. She does X Damage on Critical Hits, +650 Attack Rating. There are no +650 Attack Rating agent on these lists, which certainly calls some of the other unconfirmed agent stat boosts into question.

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Sounds shady…

Will the real Tron Shady please stand up?


My spreadsheet is a work in progress, adding in information as I get it. Some things may be inaccurate, I’ll fix it as soon as I receive reliable info.

Any help is appreciated, if you have something to add please leave a comment on the spreadsheet. Provide a screenshot too if possible as confirmation.

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Looking at those numbers for the regional/dungeon agents, I think it’s high time some legislators succeed in their plans to force companies to disclose the drop rates for these things.


Are the Epic agents from Booster Packs (Carter etc) in the foil version or the normal version ?

If you can get shinies from the booster packs, I didn’t get one.

Unrelated, I have some South Africa drop data to add soon.


I like that they’re normal versions. I really dislike the fake-looking shiny effect on the foil versions.

Is the drop rate for South African agents the same as for Superior agents from the standard bag (around 17%) ?

I’ve opened a few South African packs, and had no luck so far & I was wondering if the drop rate was worse.

Sorry, power went out for two days after I made that comment. I forgot I was going to do that X)

To be clear (I do not need you alive for my experimentation. It is quicker this way. Please understand), the chance of getting an agent in the standard booster pack is definitely 20%, not 17.5%. (I have many reasons to believe this) My sample size is just really small. I probably need a sample size of closer to 4000 to have a really good results.

My sample size for South Africa bags is even smaller. It shows ~15%, but it’s almost certainly also 20%.

Edit: I removed most of the extra information since there are far better sources of information now on where agents are found and what boosts they provide.