I think an official loot table would be extremely nice

Especially for those that are vanity hunting. AoC armory is not completed, just as people say (and personal experience. I was able to find one of the last pieces for Wolf Raider set, which I am so glad about). I think it would be nice if the devs, or whoever has access to loot tables, could supply these loot tables so players could know where what drops. Pics not needed of course, but names and where those item drop would help a lot. Otherwise it makes the whole gear hunting feel pretty useless as you don’t know what you can do/what you need to do.
At the very least, armor loot tables for Khitai would be a nice start.

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You do realize that the AoC armory is ran by a volunteer and not by a funcom employee, yes? This means that if you find anything you can ask the owner to add it.

I thought it was long inactive? Considering nothing was added for a log while from what I have seen. And most links are dead as well.

Also I asked for a loot table, not for a way to contact the armory owner to update it. Fat chance since there are no real known loot tables.

Official loot tables would be nice though I doubt that they will release something like that and the AoC> TV lists are very complete for most dungeons, the only ones that might have missing items are the “rare” ones that are / were not run often (like pillars or tian an).

That’s the problem. When you’re looking for a specific set, Khitai seems to be missing most of them. Luckily I know the location for the Raider gear, but brigand for example is still a big unknown.