I think clear rules would be better

Love how people have the option to ban others it makes the game so fun I can go on any server and with one little email I can waste potential years of someone’s grinding and dedication. REPORT TO WIN= new meta. Pve wins again, pretty castles for everyone!

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They are making trouble though, they are denying play space for other players for purely selfish reasons (even if I sympathize with their reasons). Now, as @JJDancer has pointed out it’s currently not a big enough deal that any player on that server has felt the need to report it (that we know of), but that’s not the same as doing nothing wrong.

Keeping a quiet rule breaking neighbor as opposed to risking a loud one says more about our playerbase than it does about our rules lol.

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This is why I own a private server and why I only play on private servers with admins that keep this kind of thing in check.


That makes me sad. It must’ve been desolate when the despawn radius was higher.

Just last night another player has gone to war on a guy who is as usual ambitious with T1, yet blocked off the northern route under the Spillway. That’s two players cleaning up a mess that honestly doesn’t register with me due to climbing and Obelisks. For the first time in weeks I said “thank goodness I’m on PvP.” I’m sorry y’all have to deal with this with no suitable recourse, especially if he’s a refreshie.


Wait, I can ban someone else? Why didn’t anyone tell me? I must know where that option is!

Oh, you mean we have the option to report someone we think is breaking the rules and then Funcom decides if they really are?

So, if report to win is so successful that it’s the “new meta”, should we infer that breaking the rules without punishment was the old meta?

Yep, you got us! We, PVE players, have nothing better to do than to actively plot against PVP players on PVP servers, and meddle in what happens there.

It’s not like PVP players are in the habit of making characters on PVE servers, spamming claim everywhere, being toxic in chat, and in general harassing PVE players. No, you guys are the real victims of evil PVE players.



Oh yeah, because the map is not big enough to shelter the 10 to 20 people that are on during the day on most servers nowadays, even private ones. I am sorry I forgot that it is a unspoken rule in Conan now that you have to build up in close proximity to your neighboors door so you can keep watching them 24/7 what they are doing so you can report any activity that seems suspisious to you.

Neighboor builds 3 stones in front of his door, then goes offline for 10 days because of work or family and boom, he is a landclaimer and bad person and needs to be reported because he has no time to play this game 24/7.

I wonder if people sometimes hear themselfs talking. Maybe Funcom should rename its slogan to: overwatch, report, remove.

So much envy and resentment in people its unbelievable. Maybe if people would care more about their own buisness and faults instead of judging others for their doing this game would have more populated servers. But hey, lets just throw out the last remaining people that are willing to play this game for every tiny crap you find on them. Servers get empty out until you´ve got the whole server to yourself. :ok_hand:t5:

Pretty much this.
He has not expanded in over a year, and I have monitored his base for a long time, since I built my tavern just east of him.
He actually has NPC guards around this area, which makes me think that he probably does not realize it is against the TOS.

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It would be more than big enough, if the game didn’t allow you to build as much as you wanted while you’re one of those 10 to 20 active people and then keep it when you’re not.

That’s one of the big problems many people not only fail to see, but don’t want to see. Those 10 to 20 people you’re talking about? They don’t include those who just pop in for a minute, watch their decay timer get refreshed, and then log out. No, those 10 to 20 people are those who are actually playing.

When one of those 10 to 20 regulars runs out of motivation, they start logging in for shorter and shorter periods of time, until they become one of those who log in for a minute a week. And yet all of their castles and taverns and – let me check my notes – “fantasy island theme parks” remain where they are and occupy space.

Given enough time, this stuff accretes until the server really does start feeling a bit… tight.

Oh, yes, I’m sure people do it for that reason precisely. People don’t try to pick a place with flat ground, or a place that looks pretty, or a place relatively close to some spot they will visit often. No, it’s surely to spy on other people :roll_eyes:

If you want to talk about unspoken rules of Conan Exiles, one of them is to not build too close to someone. It’s “unspoken”, because it’s not actually against TOS or anything, it’s just etiquette. A lot of new players don’t know this, which is why it’s often productive to talk to them about it before things escalate too much. A surprisingly large fraction of newbies respond really well to this kind of conversation and are happy to move, especially if you offer to help.

Or you could just plop down some fugly spam around your base and feel safe and smug because you don’t ever need to actually play and engage with the rest of the community. You can pop in for a minute a week and maybe even spend a whole additional minute admiring the view around you, a view unpolluted by those pesky other players who have the audacity to play on your server…

Right, because obviously we’re all talking about someone who place 3 stones in front of their door and then goes offline for 10 days, and then they come back. We can see that in the picture @JJDancer provided and read it in the text she wrote.

Yeah. Me too.

Maybe if we didn’t have so many servers populated with crappy spam and performance-killing theme parks, this game would have more active players on those servers :wink:

“My neighbors are so intolerant! I only left a tiny turd on the sidewalk, and they complained.”


Yeah, it’s not. If everyone builds the way the person did in that photo, servers become a crowded, laggy, ugly mess. There’s a reason it’s been one of the hottest topics here for months AND the vast majority of private servers don’t allow it. Maybe more people would play the game if their their first server experience wasn’t a spiderweb of selfish player’s land claim dictating where and how they get to play the game.

Conjure all the hyperbole you can. Holding people responsible for their actions doesn’t make FC or reporting player the bad guys.

Funny, it’s been my impression that the people defending land claim are resorting to emotional appeals as they have diminishing rational ground to stand on.

At least we can agree on this…


I am on a server that just lost a really large base at the ice bridge obelisk. This same server also had a guy wiped for having 15-20 seperate buildings throughout the map, most of which were empty and were reducing resource spawn in several locations including elephants.

It needs to be reported.
A) His maybe not but 40 others that do the same thing? Yeah
B) Except preventing others from building in that area that he isn’t currently actively playing in…that’s sort of toxic selfishness.
C)Irrelevant. I didn’t know when raid time starts, does that mean I get all of my explosives back? ignorance is not an excuse.
D) We are all server police. By gaming with eachother we take on the responsibility to play in a fair and ethical way so that we can all enjoy the game. If someone breaks the rules, then they are cheating and need to be dealt with. If you don’t think it’s your responsibility to do anything about it, then it’s not Funcom that is killing the game.

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But whit so fussy uncler rules we dont realy know if it brake them or not. its not that big area, rather a normal area for a normal base + a purge defens.





That’s a textbook case of blocks placed for no other purpose than to prevent other players’ access to building spots, no matter how hard you try to make it seem like a “gray area”.

It’s. Claim. Spam.

By definition of “claim spam”.

The only question is whether it gets reported or not. And that’s the second thing you got wrong: players don’t decide if the rules were broken. If you believe the rules were broken, you’re free to report it, and Funcom is free to take action or not. Again, it’s as simple as that, no matter how hard you try to make it look complicated and nefarious.


If they’re only logging into refresh, what exactly do they stand to lose? They’re not playing to enjoy their builds. They’re logging in so people can see their crap. And it is crap as Codemage has outlined. And it prevents anyone else from enjoying the area. It prevents ACTIVE players from enjoying the area.

What server is that? I’ll report it myself.


A great reason why they should have one weapon type that can destroy that spam, like steel weapons used to in EA.

Problems solved!

I find it absolutely hilarious that people would actually attempt to defend this type of utterly blatant violation of the TOS. Actually no, it’s not hilarious, it’s fairly indicative of their entire history. I think it’s clear that they are just trying to deflect from the fact that they themselves partake in such claim spam, why else make up such absurd arguments to try to defend it.

Well if the alternative is cheat to win then I am 100% for it. I guess you just sound a little too scared over that thought though huh?

Please attempt to come back to reality some time in the near future. Look over the last 15 updates and see just how many of them involve changes made specifically for PvP and then explain how “PvE wins again”. :woman_facepalming:


First of all I don’t believe that a single email is actually getting anyone banned who isn’t breaking the rules. I’d even be willing to make a character on a public server just to be reported if someone on Xbox wants to file a false report to check

More importantly though, even if this was exactly the case and was happening left and right with mounds of evidence it still wouldn’t make it PvE players fault. This is such a flawed line of reasoning,

I understand you are upset about either having been banned or possibly being banned in the future, but how would you come to the conclusion that it’s the fault of people who don’t play on your server or even in the same game mode?

The weird PvP vs PvE forum war certainly doesn’t improve the quality of the forums


Please do not go to that extreme, I would feel it was my fault.


PvP vs PvE war is a constant in every game that has both PvP and PvE lol. The New World chat was extra fun this past weekend as a bunch of the PvE players didn’t want to go run into the pvp war to help their faction and the faction in question got trounced.

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