I think clear rules would be better

I think we need clear rules on how big a base we are allowed to build, as in 10x10 or so forth and what is considered land spam. What was considered land spam in the past is clearly no longer the case. The rules are very unclear and I think people would be more then happy to follow them instead of getting banned and wondering what the heck happened.


Its pretty simple take for example:
“When you park your car do you park it within the lines or do you park it crossing 3 parking lots diagonally?”

You can ask yourself the question does my building stand in the way, does it block off roads or does it have a purpose being so big (yes decoration purpose is also a function in my opinion we have a building loving community, but a giant square wall with a detailed city inside is still a giant box from the outside).

There are bases that are big but less annoying and in the way than some smaller bases…
All in all, we share servers with other players, building a city is fine in my opinion but add thought to it and don’t prevent people from crossing the land :slight_smile:

The rules are maybe not that clear for everyone, but if the limit is 10k building pieces it doesn’t prevent players from building giant walls they consider a base?


The rules are clear enough and I think people are more than happy letting FC moderate out players they deem detrimental to the public experience, instead of having an arbitrary limit on what they can create.


I think we need fewer repetitive posts. Change my mind.


Sadly a building addicted friend of mine got his builds removed a few times…

Hes a serious player that always helps other players, but they decided to remove some of his building without letting him know why…

As far as I’ve seen it is pretty clear this player didn’t intent to build by griefing, he added a lot of effort into his builds, but it was always massive and huge, but not blocking off content or in the way… (it might have hit performance for some users, but not mine been there many times)

I think the remove hammer in this example is a bit extreme leaving the players with question-marks as if why he got his base removed…

I think leaving a reason stating the issue is the least Funcom should do…

For him its too late, he said he will never revisit Conan again… he said there are players building much bigger… and hes right about that, but that player didn’t have his buildings removed and still stand of today.

I will not name anyone or the server (official), I just want to create awareness on unclear deletions… if my base would be removed I would be very surprised as well without the reason stating the deletion.


Another thread on this? Okay, sure, why not.

The rules don’t say you shouldn’t big build. The rules say you shouldn’t build in a way that seriously screws up server and client performance. That’s not something that you can solve with simple numeric limits, otherwise they would have implemented those limits in the game. As things are, if the rules specified a numeric limit of N, one of two things would happen, depending on the actual value of N:

  • If N is not small enough, people could still build problematic builds with N-1 pieces and then claim that it’s unfair that the admins got involved, because N-1 is less then N.
  • If N is small enough, it would forbid the vast majority of perfectly normal builds that don’t cause any significant performance problems.

And this is without even getting into the discussion of what you want to limit. Limiting the surface area footprint would be pointless, because you could still build vertically as much as you want and screw up the server performance. Limiting the total number of building pieces would be pointless, because you can still cram enough placeables in a limited space and screw up the server performance. The only “solution” would be to limit the total number of building pieces and placeables, and that “solution” has the problem I already described above.

Claim spam has always been claim spam and it has always been against the rules. The big difference is not that the definition changed, but rather that they finally started enforcing those rules.

Did he ask via Zendesk? Contrary to the popular belief, the reason why people need to request ban information via Zendesk is not because Funcom staff are lazy, but because Funcom has no way to contact players. They don’t have your e-mail, they don’t have your phone number, they don’t have your Discord handle, or whatever.

And there is currently no way to contact you in-game, either. There is no in-game feature that allows an admin to leave a message for a player or a clan. The feature that comes the closest to that is the clan message of the day, but that can only be set by a player inside the clan, not by an admin. Not to mention that this still wouldn’t cover players who are clanless, so how would an admin communicate with them?

I hope I never get banned or one of my builds deleted, but if that happens, I plan on requesting info via Zendesk, and if that info isn’t clear enough, insist until I either get information or I’m convinced that they don’t give a damn. And just because I’m a contrary curmudgeon, I’ll make damn sure to keep detailed screenshots of all of my builds, so that I can come to the forums armed with evidence if things turn out that way.

Did he report those? Did you? The way I see it, the process goes like this:

  • Someone reports something.
  • If the report is clear enough, Funcom goes and investigates that report.
  • Funcom takes action, if warranted.

I really doubt that Funcom staff will stay on a server and hang around looking for additional infractions. If you look at the rules, it seems pretty clear that they keep their involvement limited:

I would guess that this is probably because they don’t actually have an army of people in charge of constantly policing the 1000+ official servers they offer for free.


Listen, personally I am sympathetic to well intentioned builders. I am a builder and I love my castles/public works. That being said, I don’t build that way on public servers because it is clear that it is not in the interest of server health for everyone to play that way.

By your own admission your friend knew they were at risk of overbuilding. It’s not unclear why their works were deleted. It just sucks because they were well intentioned while others with ill intentions have yet to be.

I HAVE to assume FC is operating fairly, because we can’t even openly discuss corruption or unfair banning practices without violating TOS. That being said my only recourse is to say I’m sorry your friend stopped playing as a result, let’s all make sure to report the bad spammers/overbuilders so it’s not just the well intentioned ones that get removed.


He claims yes, but it didn’t make anything clear. It isn’t the first time.
He just want to play the game, not chasing anwers which I can understand.

Sadly we had our fair share of trolls in the server too, and they loved pulling his tail, but he was always polite. Language wasn’t the problem haha

He just build a lot, I think thats the reason trolls reported him for… which is sad… without Funcom leaving a notice as of why :confused:

Probably yes, but leaving without notice is not a great way to solve issues.

Yeah but the “warning” argument always turns into moving goalposts. As it stands we can appeal to Zendesk for clarity on bans - how ineffective Zendesk is at providing this is another (and based on evidence I’ve seen here valid) discussion.

Warning pre-demolition would only be applicable to non cheaters (to avoid panic item transfer) and means that there has to be time (whatever amount) between determination and demolition. That slows the process down, which is bad, given they are already having difficulty keeping up with the need.

Warning with the chance to fix infractions and be re-evaluated is a whole discussion in itself.

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I don’t want to defend both parties, I’m just suprised he never actually got a clear reason which this topic is all about.

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No not even close!

Here’s why numeric values are problematic.

If you build a 10x10x10 cube of foundations. Using 1000 building pieces, it will have little to no impact on a server or client.

If you build a 1x1x1000 line of foundations. Again using 1000 building pieces, it will begin to impact the server and possibly some clients.

In both examples, the same amount of pieces are used. In both examples, different impacts are had. In both examples, only a tenth of an average large build is used.




Probably have minimal impact on performance on server or client for either case since assuming its only 1 foundation type. (Momentary load issue -graphically for some players) Since game loads in chunks these days compared to 2019.

The bigger issue would be the 1 thousand blocks in a line will cut across 2 zone blocks.

My neighbor’s spam. I actually cannot see it unless I cut down the forest between us. He has had it this way forever, and I have never see him on, he is just a refresher.

I would not report this as :
A - it has no effect on server lag.
B - He has never bothered anyone in chat or been toxic that I know of.
C - He may not know this is against the TOS ( Not everyone reads the forums )
D - I am not the server police.

If I ever see him logged in, I will mention it to him, but I cannot imagine being responsible for all of his builds getting wiped. He has a few other builds that are legitimate.


While I would not report him either, thats the kind of stuff that I saw and immediately got my own server. Its tacky if its nothing else.


Ah, my “favorite”, a serial-refreshing spammer.

I would report it. Imagine deciding to start on a server and you’re looking for a good spot to establish your own base and you come across that. Now imagine it wasn’t this one guy, but 5 guys in 5 different spots on the map.

It. Sucks.

It sucks even more when you find out that the dude isn’t even playing the game anymore, but you still can’t get rid of that because he’ll log in once or twice a week, and even if you happen to be logged in at that precise time, he’ll log out faster than you can even type “hey, XYZ, can we talk for a sec?” in global chat.

Yeah, not being toxic in chat or otherwise is nice. Yeah, sure, he might not know this is against the rules. That gains him some sympathy, but should that be enough to tolerate a nice, flat spot, ideal for building, being literally wasted by someone who doesn’t really play anymore? He couldn’t even be bothered to build anything there, he just doesn’t want anyone else building there.


At least if that’s the case he should make it pretty
Now its just a scar in the land D:

Jokes aside, I’m glad this is bannable, I’m tired of people doing this.
Its like blocking of a road in the neighborhood so only the ones blocking the road can acces the road

This is not only a problem in the game its a general problem with the world, people don’t understand they share the world with other people not only themselves…


I really am conflicted on these situations. On the one hand - isolated, no it’s not the end of the world. I can completely understand spending hours on end on an amazing castle just to have some lame person erect a playhouse next door.

The problem is that it’s SO a part of the CE culture at this point. Servers left unmoderated degenerate into mostly this - official or private. That, I think, is why the “flag” system is so often suggested. As a player base we don’t really care that there is land claim, because on some level most of us sympathize. We would just rather it not look like that…

There’s arguments to be made about people claiming more than is reasonable to be sure, but I would give in on that argument to play on a server that had equivalent land claim by that person with a fraction of that footprint.