I think the game is coming to an end and developers should come up with new Method

New theme

New content

New Experience

New How to play

ASAP :a:

Do you have any actual ideas? The Suggestions category is a place where we, the community, can present our own ideas for the developers to consider. Just asking for “new something” isn’t really helpful, don’t you think?


Agree on that it is coming to an end for PVP, but not for the other parts. Been playing this game since first beta, and it has been so good till just 3-4 months ago, when they started to nerf everything, and focusing alot on using thralls instead of actuall PVP.

Sadly a lot of players got tired of not getting listen to and looking for other games to play instead, including me. Uninstalled the game yesterday after playing since early BETA.


I can’t think of anything

At least for now :face_with_thermometer:

What new methods should developers have

Okay, so let’s try another approach: what elements of the game do you think are causing the game to “be coming to an end”? Which parts do you feel should be improved?

And more importantly - if you can’t think of anything, have you considered that maybe the problem isn’t in the game, but rather in you? Maybe you’ve simply got tired after what I imagine to be hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of gameplay. It’s only natural to feel that the game’s getting stale at that point because you’ve basically experienced all the game has to offer.

If this is the case, maybe just take a break for a few weeks, a couple of months, play something else, and then get back to Conan Exiles and see if you can see it with fresher eyes.

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Blaming the observer for pointing out the problem is ignoring the issue at hand…are you saying that he isn’t right and the game is actually gaining players? My observations agree with him that people are leaving and new players aren’t coming on board. They stemmed this last time with PS Plus and got a huge influx of players. They have been riding that success for a year. Yes there have been mild success with the DLC (especially horses) but even that was a flawed idea…the players that they wish to retain with new DLC don’t need new ways to explore the same world they have memorized. More dungeons would be great to keep players. More ways to reduce alpha dominance of a PVP server (maybe a time of acid rain that destroys all buildings or better yet…surprise everyone with the idea of unstable dragon powder/explosives that after a time spontaneously explodes destroying what it’s in and the area around it). Also lastly while PS Plus boosted players drastically, they weren’t treated as equal. While Steam gets to enjoy large discounts on the DLC, PS players have to stare at $10/DLC, $30/season pricing. I should know…I have been monitoring it since I got addicted to the game last year. So a strategy of intro of new content and limited time discounts to all players as well as methods to nerf alphas on the PVP side so the noobs can get in edgewise. Those are my ideas.

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Please note that in my first reply to this topic I asked the OP what he felt was the matter, or what the developer should do to improve the game. It was his answer that made me think that his problem wasn’t in the game. I’m not saying there are no problems in the game - but with no details beyond “you should do something about something” there’s very little a developer can do to help the OP. I’m sure they’re doing something about something, but that may not be the something the OP wants.


Totally agree that it’s missing details…however I think his intent was more in line with warning folks that something needs to be done fast. There are people out there that aren’t creative but can see the upcoming issues. They can’t fix them but they can see them. I think his pointing out this doom and gloom is warranted as motivation for all the rest of us that have ideas oozing out of our heads on a daily basis to pitch in and help the game/community out. There is still value in complaining if the complaining is warranted and there hasn’t been success in fixing the issue. Sure no one likes to hear it but we can’t be complacent.

I see nothing wrong with the game as it is now.

A new map or map expansion is a great idea and can’t wait to see what Funcom has planned there. I’m much more into that than new clothes, weapons or buildings that have been the DLCs to date.

The Conan Universe is pretty well set and I see no reason to ‘reboot’ themes or content.

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Thats why they lost about 7000 players last 2-3 months. The game is going downhill.

Or maybe look at general trends for the last 2 years after every patch before declaring, yet again, the sky is falling. If I had $100.00 for everytime somebody claimed the game was dead or dying since 2017, I’d be rich.

Besides that, what’s the “that’s why” statement. As with the OP, this statement is incredibly vague and results in 0 actual feedback that is usable.


Friends who like PVP will not play it bc of glitches and exploits. I play on a PVE server, and from a PVE point of view, there needs to be more to do. It’s too sandbox, you grow out of it fast. Add quests, other than the main storyline. Daily quests, and maybe a few npc cities where you can buy and sell goods. More treasure quests that you can find on scrolls. I’ve never completed the game but would like the option to not lose your character on completion.


An end for you maybe. After building my own server a few months back we’ve been having a blast…


So my answer is…

New Game.

And to go with the theme of the suggestion forum.

So on one hand, we know what works… what player have asked for past years. What zones are popular, which are meh… what type of land we like, what type of building we like (and don’t)
whats abused…what isn’t.

We know map limits…

So with that. I would go with.

More fuller map, And hide dungeons abit better under ground, and not in corner of map. Or even limit a map to 2-3 types of zones, and have 2 to 3 large scale maps. (one Jungle/Swamp heavy zone. One thats desert, jungle beaches, rivers and vast dunes and mountains with volcano zone. 3rd can be Northern Lands and Snow zone, with glaciers.
I don’t wanna point out Ark Map system… but I just did. And it offers something I like.
Scorch Earth has its issues, Many I would like to see… this would allow zones to be much bigger and filled better.
Adjust how obilesk work.
Adjust how land claim works. (again… flag idea could solve alot of it)
Change how inventory and how we equip weapons etc etc.
etc etc etc etc etc etc…

I think Funcom has learned enough from CE, that CE-II could really stomp alot of issues and give everyone a new place.

I’m personally kinda done with map… I enjoy playing and building… i’m done with certain aspects of game now.

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tell me why 7k players stopped then? Why didnt funcom manage to keep them you think?

Dune. New map. Thrall reworks. What end is coming? What new stuff are we not getting?

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Every online game has more people when it first starts out, then tapers off. Every online game has people saying the game is dying or coming to an end.
They said the same thing about Everquest, and y’know what? It’s still going strong after 21 years! Does it have fewer players than when it started? Of course… that’s the nature of these games. But it has enough to support it, and that’s all that counts to keep it going.


Not sure where you get that number but why does it matter if players have stopped playing?? Did they owe you money?

I usually check out for awhile when new a new game I want drops but I always come back to Conan because it is infinite in its possibilities.

I understand if you’re tired of the game, it happens, but what the OP is seeking is a brand new game and they should just get one and not demand this one be overhauled.