I think this game should have quests

I think what we need is trade. Very similar to what they did with the NPC’s trading gold/silver for eggs and pets, except on a wider scale.

You should be able to walk into Sepermeru or the Island north of Siptah and sell anything to the vendors there. Likely for a small amount of gold, or silver. Then you should be able to buy 90% of common resources with a few exceptions. You would be the loser in terms of trade efficiency, to keep things reasonable. Mining then selling 100,000 stone would not let you buy 100,000 elephant hide for example. But it should be possible for people to bring their excess, make a bit of gold/silver, then spend their gold/silver on goods they value.

This would create a social area on PvE servers as well as a danger zone for players on PvP servers.

I want to mine a bunch of stone and wood, walk north, sell it to an NPC, and then buy some brimstone or coal. Stuff that’s difficult for me to easily acquire in “my” neighborhood.


Seems to work fine on Savage Wilds.


I liked the world event, it was fun. Would love to see more of that stuff.

As for quests, I am not against the idea, so long as said quest was a proper quest, not some mindless: “go and fetch me five Gorilla heads as I can’t be bothered to do it myself” or something.
While I love the open sandbox aspect of this game, I think there is room for an actual well thought out quest where you get something half decent at the end of it. Especially (IMO) if it involves more lore from the world of Conan.

None of this handholding either, no markers…etc, none of that nonsense.
Something where people have to use their brains instead of having it all laid out for them. You want a reward? then you have to earn it.

EDIT: What about all these funky languages I keep learning? Why not create something around that? You find a scroll, but in order to read it you have to be able to translate it in the correct language for a start, and it could lead you to a kind of quest.


Let’s hope we can get working AI on vanilla too then :slight_smile:

It is working on Vanilla. Its just a map.

Online or offline?
Because the AI have a lot I mean a lot a lot of issues…

many of them come from official server resource saving configuration
it can behave better ‘as is’ if you throw some processing power into it, splash it with bit more RAM and finally spice up by removing some default behaviour blockers


Both. Like I said, its just a map.

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Unfortunately they could have easily done this with the perks and most recipes. Exploring is the way to find the recipes (not rng drops) but finding the thrall/book. Like some of the cooking 9nes. And scatter them about based on tier. Lower tier easier and more places, higher tier in tough camps/dungeons. And they could have avoided the leveling trope by firing you all your attribute points, but locked the perks like religions where you learn for NPCs, again scattered around and you pay some kind of cost to he trained. You still have to spend the att points when you know it, but again, make it engaging, not just power level some experience to get.

So the AI is good enough to execute something like events?

I’m not so sure about it… basic attacks is something they often can’t even execute, for example while attacking a beast they often die before they even respond :confused: