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FFS… what in the hell were you thinking FUNCOM? I recently purchased this game and I have to say if I hadn’t had mods to fix all of the flaws in your game it would be unplayable. Enemies under awnings that can’t be hit, completely BS stack sizes, crafting benches that get full before you even have enough materials to build a single object so you end up running what looks like a sweat shop , material crafting that makes no sense what so ever, abysmal standard fuel drop rates, a map so large it takes almost an hour real life time to walk across and no mounts, thralls that have the WORST AI I think I have seen in a long time, the building system is complete trash forcing you spout a stream of swear words at the screen until you finally manage to put a box on the terrain. and then you have the gall to try and sell us DLC? THE GAME ISN’T EVEN FINISHED! For a full price 40$ game it should be bug free, and playable.
Seriously go to steam workshop and hire modders, they apparently can fix your game better than your dev team can… Seriously if I hadn’t played the game for more than 2 hours I would be requesting a full refund for this trash!


What? Dont understand, exept from the AI part i dont know what you talkingabout!

WTF are you trying to craft that “crafting benches that get full before you even have enough materials to build a single object”

An ascension longneck riffle?

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I second Masmassu…

Conan Exiles is fine. I’m having a blast. O_o
But then, I played 2 years of ARK so I guess I know how to handle / am used to bugs.

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He wants Conan Exiles to have Tek Replicators it seems.
Jokes aside, you might want to try an improved black smith.

Yes the only time its not spase is if you have to mutch Ore or stone in youre bag, hehe

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They are hundreds of things wrong with this game, there’s no need to make up bogus claims.
Some of the things you mentioned aren’t real problems, like bench inventory and the map size.

I don’t understand your issue with stack sizes, but okay, sure, maybe that’s a problem for you.

It does not take an hour to walk from one side of the map to the other. Sepermeru to the Witch Queen is roughly 15 - 20 minutes, depending on stamina and the path taken.

You were right about the AI and messed up tents, but not much else.

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none of those things other than hit detection are an issue.
corpse issues, servers dropping, lack of end game content, Bosses with 1billion hp those are real world issues dopey.

I think you missed the point of his post.
The mods were to fix issues, he didn’t say they caused any.

A lot of the tents can just be destroyed as well and that seems to allow me to hit the enemies when I’m just wildly swinging my axe around. :wink:

If you are having trouble putting stuff on the ground, try middle mouse button and it will slap right down.

Advanced crafting benches makes the sweatshop argument invalid.

Building your stats properly (pack mule) makes the stack-size argument invalid.

In what similar game did you find a better building system? I have 900 hours in Ark, wich is horrible in comparison. I also tried H1Z1, DayZ, Rust and all those lame escuses for survival games and none are even close to CE in any way.

I grant you the AI is bad, and there are still alot of bugs. But what similar size game have less bugs? I haven’t found one and Ive been looking hard.

It sounds like you are just not used to playing games that requires this amount of skill and patience to be successful in.

Well as you say, before advanced stations most people had chests next to every crafting station, and I didn’t think crafting was a problem even then. You can live in a 3x3 base for ever in this game.

You can fight AI without PVP builds easy. But ofc it will be harder as a packmule, it’s supposed to be a pack mule… Game is alot about rewarding purpose-building your character.

Not long ago there was no pack mule perk, but players made do with other means for effective farming. Just because you don’t know an effective way to do something doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Keep exploring the game buddy.

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Only the point about the AI is really valid. The rest is hogwash.

As for gathering…bring a T3 fighter and pack them tight with stacks of the heavy stuff (Thrall Pack Mule). Also dress light when out doing gathering runs…drastically improves the carrying capacity. Ahhh but wait! What if I get ganked in PvP? Tactical Retreat. Simple. They cannot catch you as long as you are not encumbered. They will lose interest…remember to ‘Park’ your thrall in a place that is not obvious if you are in a risky gank spot.

Map size. What really? If the map was a small FPS map people would be complaining about making it larger. Actually…when it was just the ‘South’ area peeps wanted Funcom to Expand and Make It Larger. Quit being a prat 30 second quickie and slow down to enjoy good exploration.

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