I wanna explode my base

When i start a single player game, i somehow cant damage my own buildings with explosives. what do i have to change in the setting for it to work?

Did you try disabling “befristeter PVP-Gebäudeschaden” but leaving “kann Strukturen von Spielerbern beschädigen” enabled?

i just tried, changed nothing :frowning: Is it maybe cause im admin on my server?

In Damage Setting. (player and npc)

Several down is player damage on owned stuff. Its defaulted to 0.2 You’ll need turn this up if memory serves.

Press insert key open your console. Type makemeadmin. Look at the base you want to destroy. Open console again type “destroytarget” enter. You will see a huge explotion :slight_smile: (Warning: it may also destroy game terrain. Make sure u aimed to your building)

Try leaving the game after making any change. I woud guess that some of these major settings need you to end your current session to apply

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