How to enable building damage on a server without pvp

Hi, as title says, I was wondering how can I enable building damage without having to turn on the pvp. I’m playing with a friend, and with pvp on we kept hitting each others and since it was getting pretty annoying we disabled it. However since we disabled it, animals and npc can’t damage our structures anymore (not even those that spawn during the purge). We tried to use CanDamagePlayerOwnedStructures but even if it’s checked but pvp is unchecked, nothing can damage our walls.
I was also wondering if we can disable friendly fire. Thanks.

NPC’s in general are not affected by the PVP protocols. A purge will still damage your structure. Im curious about what animals are you talking about though. Ive never played conan where an animal could break my base and I play official (not counting purge animals).

As for the friendly fire options you can set the multiplayer up under combat in the server settings to 0. That way you can keep pvp enabled and you wont hurt each other if you are in a clan.

I don’t think you can set pvp damage at 0 on ps4, the min I can do is 0,1. I was referring to rhinos and others animals, I thought they could break low tier structures.

During a purge yes. Never had a rhino break a t1 structure of mine. Maybe I got lucky though?..

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