Option to Disable NPC damage to player-structures

Suggestion: an option to disable NPC (untamed thralls) damage to player-made structures.

This is a fairly simple suggestion, but one that can have a big impact for any player or private server that wishes to make use of this suggested feature. We already have this option for player-damage towards player-structures, so I think it would be nice to also have this for NPC-damage.

Many different private servers try to stretch what’s possible with Conan Exiles as a game. They try to tread outside of the generic PvE/PvP survival scenario and instead try to make more creative use of the assets this game offers. Having the freedom to either enable or disable NPC damage to player-made structures would greatly enhance this freedom.

I am curious to your thoughts and opinions. :slight_smile:

The more we can tweak the server settings the better.

it really already exists, you can remove the structure damage by both npc and pvp and deactivate the purge. but in my opinion the game would be boring. I am more than pvp

You can turn purge off, But this doesn’t stop NPC damage. The one option is to prevent players and player owned things from damaging them.

On Private server, extra setting would be nice… I stick to SP… not something that bugs me, till land claim gets overhaul.

The game so far only allows us to turn off purges and turn off player-damage to player-structures, not NPC-damage to player-structures. It is correct that on ‘normal’ PvE/PvP servers this NPC-damage mostly only happens during purges. But that is far from true from more customized private servers.

It would definitely be a nice gesture and handshake towards modders and modified servers if Funcom would provide a feature like this in the base game.

In my personal case, the practical example is that we enjoy creating custom dungeons and arenas with the available building pieces. Of course you need your enemies in these dungeons and arenas and NPC’s (untamed thralls) are often wonderful for that. They’re spawned in, but they also destroy the structures during combat which is where this request comes in.

I can definitely understand that not every server would want to turn off NPC-damage to player-structures and that’s why I suggested is as an option in the server-settings. :slight_smile:

sincerely I think it would be better to add an option to do the construction made by the administrator in fixed and part of the map, making it so that the decay does not pass through them. and of course eliminate the claim area of ​​those structures.

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