I Well and Truly Hate This Game/ I'm DONE

Totally dependent by your monitor and GPU settings, for example on my own PC nights are really dark in the game, on my mate’s pc I don’t even notice if it’s night at all.

And before you ask: exiting the game, on Windows, the two monitors look quite at same brightness.

Thanks for taking the time to write down your personal thoughts in a constructive way.
We’ll definitely keep an eye on this and the follow up discussions happening.


It’s fine the way it is, IMO. Makes torches actually useful, unlike many other games I could mention. And in the desert where the sky is clear you still get enough light to move around without one if you really need to. Risky, but there is still plenty of light to do it. If it’s so dark there that you can’t even see your own character then you probably just need to adjust your brightness settings. Or close the blinds on the window that’s shining on your screen.

If you’re in the north where it’s constantly raining, suck it up and break out the torch or wait for morning.

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Maybe the darkness is us blacking out form carrying 1000 LBs of resources on our “backs”. You know, reality.


meehhhhh darkness, meeeh so hard. Improvised torch, torch, bone and goop torch, red mother, nighteye potions, witch mask mehhhhhh


Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come with Glimmermoon again
Because my vision while I was creeping
With this NPC that was sleeping
And the vision that I struggled with in vain
Still remains
Within the dark of Conan


A partial workaround is to equip your follower with a torch. It’ll stay lit and appear in their hand even after the thrall moves it back to their inventory. I successfully dragged a thrall from the mounds back to my WoP near the aqueduct at night in the rain.

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I’m playing on a PS4 with a perfectly adjusted/tuned 4K TV. The issue does not occur with ANY OTHER game.

So am I, and I do not have it. Have you checked your environment lighting? Also, what is a ‘perfectly adjusted/tuned’ 4K screen? And what would it have to do with this? The parts of the eye needed for perceiving true blacks, and helping the brain make information from vision in darkness isn’t tied to the perception of framerate or other attributes of 4K.

Adjust your gamma settings.

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Preface: I am a player. I also make guides. But mostly I play the tar out of this game. I joined an official server 9 weeks ago, and I have not died once, except for bracelet teleporting, which I do almost hourly.

  1. You don’t specify your platform, but I feel your pain on the PS4.
  2. Plenty of them in this game, and any game.
  3. Have not had this.
  4. ?
  5. Have experienced this.
  6. Pardon?
  7. The dark is there to remind you time is still moving. If it’s too dark, lighten it.
    7a. Binding is in the left hand. Torch is too. Get illuminated bindings and illuminated 1-handed wep.
  8. I can explain almost anything building-wise. Try me.
  9. If you make it so. Try stealing.
  10. I want a copy of certain shields and weps at every safe station.
  11. Try switching to a wep you like. You may be surprised.
  12. Necessary.
    12a. Counterable.
    12b. Ask my server mates: I spend a lot of time yelling at my duders for being out of place.
  13. Debatable.
  14. ?
  15. Kick.
  16. Which of my 156 pets/thralls?
  17. Depends on the weapon.
  18. It is too simplistic and needs improvement. True.
  19. Endgame is there to end the game. Why would you do that? Who doesn’t want to be immortal?

None of these seem like game-enders to me. Considering the amount of passion it took to craft your OP, I suspect you want to play the game. And it doesn’t have to be painful.


They have been adjusted as high as possible without causing things to look too whited out. I think I have them sitting somewhere around 2.5 I think it was. Any higher and things just start looking whitewashed, but nothing gets any easier to see.

I can confirm.

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That’s because almost every other game handles darkness extremely poorly. Even in deep underground caves where there is no clear source of light at all, the ambient brightness is so high that you may as well be walking around the streets of Phoenix at noon.

Torches, flashlights, light sticks, night eye potions and spells, all of it rendered completely pointless because the rocks are glowing like 60w incandescent bulbs. And I don’t mean the weird radioactive alien rocks. I mean plain old, ordinary, sedimentary rocks that you can find in any driveway.


You must not play many games.

Yeah, you’re probably right. I mean, I’ve only been doing it since the early '80s. Can’t have been that many games released between then and now, right? :wink:


Released? Sure. Played by you? Not if you believe any of what you wrote earlier.

Yes, I’ve played some like that as well. Those are the exception though, often deliberately putting the player in complete darkness for the purpose of invoking a fear response because, you know, horror game. :wink:

The norm, however, is to have the environment so bright that the usual tools for dealing with dark environments don’t really have any purpose, even when said tools are included as part of the basic tool set of the character.


Look up a game called “Dragon’s Dogma” if you want to see how night should be done properly in a game.

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And there’s nothing particularly wrong with that preference, but I think in general survival genre games should, at least on default settings, be dark enough to require the use of torches, flashlights, whatever in situations where you’d expect to need torches, flashlights, whatever.

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