Idea for a legendary weapon set

So wait does Glimmermoon also double as a light source…!?

I used to own one, didnt see any light come from it

I seem to remember it doing so, yes. Haven’t used it in ages though, it’s otherwise kinda “meh” (and hammers are not my weapon of choice).

It should work as light-source…

But for sure not as strong as a torch. Can give it a try at home, I have >5 from them (like from most normal legendaries, but I have 0 Baal-pteor’s Razor which is driving me insane… (I have 3 blades of Adventures for example, 2 black dragon pikes, jumping vault >5 times, etc…)

And the jedi great sword has some light-saber noise movements… I dont know if it lights.

For the record they are not mine either. However I think your memory may be inaccurate as to the weapon type here Mikey. Its description in the link provided by jot29 posits it as a War Axe. I like and do use War Axes. But for me the most important factor for me here is this. If it is a one-handed weapon which emitts light, that means it csn be used as a ‘Torch’ in conjunction with Bindings! That means I want it. That axe just shot to the very top of my to obtain list.

Thanks for the information jot29!

Well yeah, what did you think my little riff on Simon and Garfunkel was all about? :smiley:

This is a big part of the reason why Glimmermoon is my favorite weapon. High damage for an axe, plus light emanation. Oh, and it weighs very little too.

Yeah I was thinking of Forgelight, that’s a ‘hammer’ type with built-in light IIRC

From the dmg alone, Glimmermoon has the highest value (+2 other axes) = 57dmg.

But act of Violence would make more dmg, because of the chance of “crit hit” (=double dmg) and the Axe of the Lion would also be better, because it gives +5 to strength and has 54dmg.

It makes good dmg, for a “gimmick weapon”. This is also the reason I want Baal-pteor’s Razor! Has 0 weight and gives you +5 Encumbrance, which would help me in some situations. Currently I use rino-soup, but the weapon would have no expiration time…

Ah! That was the other weapon… I knew there should be more than 1, which glows/emits light.

Also happy cake day! :smiley:

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Yeah but those aren’t shiny…

No idea to be honest. I hadnt not heard of it previously, and certainly hadnt found one. I assumed you were simply being poetic. You know…like a glittering moon, or a velvet lake, and so on. :stuck_out_tongue: But am I resolved to go and find it now. Not being able to hold a Torch while I drag a thrall has been one of my pet dislikes in this game since it first came out, and now at last a solution is presented. You know if it does a descent job, it may become only the second legendary in the game which never leaves my inventory.

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night eye potion maybe or night eye mask? could also work and not restrict the result
Also found that if u got a thrall with u and u give him a torch/ glowing stick he just holds it which comes handy sometimes! :wink:

I would certainly like to give the Night Eye Mask a go. As for the Night Eye potions, I dont know about anyone else here, but personally I find they are inadequate for the task, and rarely ever use them. They just dont add quite enough light for me personally, and I still find myself having trouble making out where I am going, and accidentally running off cliffs. Moreover, when they wear off they have a very odd effect on the picture; almost like I turned the colour saturation right up on the monitor. Its Glimmermoon for me now.

Nighteye mask works exactly the same as nighteye potions… the main difference is that there is no waiting for the effect… right click equip it and then right click on ANY other head gear and the masks effect stays on… colours indeed become more saturated, but works fine for me…
The potion I found out that the effect lasts untill u die or log out of game when u have post proccessing OFF… the downside is ussually the 2 mins dimmed vision till the potion effect kicks in…

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Arggh, I was hoping it was slightly different, more like the Torches lighting effect. So are you saying that it can be worn in addition to a helmet? Who/what drops it Ragnaguard? It definately sounds like its worth obtaining. I have also obtained a good bit of that Argossean Dream Dust now. It gives lightining to doesnt it!? I keep forgetting to tske it for a test run. Yeah the potions after effect does disappear with Log Off for me too.

the mask i got it in UC from bosses there but been a while and not sure which boss dropped it. i have it in a chest , and i just change it (just using right click) with the helmet i wear. after the two clicks i have my starting helmet on , the mask back in the chest and the night vision ON … two clicks insta effect…
spawn it in single mode just to check how it works before u decide hunt it in ur server

Edit: if i am not wrong the undead boss with the warhammer drops it but my memory is not to be trusted…

I added some screenshots to show the effect.


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Yeah, as soon as someone told me Glimmermoon acted as a light source it came off my wall and into my inventory. Infinite light source, which also works as an effective weapon (even though I don’t generally like axes) and can be wielded while dragging unconscious thralls? Yes please. Yes, the light is dim, but at least I can see where I step or who I’m fighting in the middle of the night.

(Fighting a Big Spider in total darkness is scary. But they’re scarier still when I can actually see them…)

In Australia, that’s known as “Wednesday”.

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So Im guessing a Skeleton boss or the Serpentine someone…? Ok thanks for the images jot, Im going to have a look next chance I get , at that and Glimmermoon.