I Well and Truly Hate This Game/ I'm DONE

Yeah that was exactly what I expected.

Sadly, to appreciate it and enjoy a game, that game should be optimized to take in account the features offered by the hardware, and not developped thinking about monitors and TVs where “Black” is actually grey and contrast have actually higher settings dued to “all thing look greyish” effect of a normal TV or monitor.

Let me explain: think a sunny landscape image on your TV is 100 and a dark cave is 0, well with a system like the one you have you can appreciate a real image of a rainforest with sulight hitting tree’s foliage for example.

A game designed to use this capability will look beautiful on your TV.

A game designed on a system where the max level (its “100” level ) of light is = to your 75 and the totally dark (its “0”) is equivalent to your 25, when running on your system will look with too less contrast and brightness to distinguish something during the darkest night because its “black not really black” will be remapped to level 0 instead to level 25 wich was really intended.

Well I’m sure you know why most games are built with that in mind though, yeah? For every person with a high-end, properly calibrated screen there’s going to be 99 running regular hardware (probably more actually). And by high-end I’m not talking about your regular 500-1000$ 4K TV (which is fine for most uses but high end it is not). Monitors are much the same, while standalones are often decent, for every one of those there’s a bunch of laptop or cheap came-with-the-PC monitors that look dreadful (if serviceable).

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Game is the best of its kind. And I would still recommend it to fresh players. For me after 2000 hours the constant nerfs, clunky melee changes, and constant changes that ultimately meant more grinding it was time to let it go.

And also, screw night time.

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Have you played Dragon’s Dogma?

If you have you should understand why Night is so bad in Conan Exiles. If not, I will find you a video and explain it.

There is/was in Japan, but that isn’t even the point. Everything it does with the Night Mechanic would be doable and a benefit to the way night functions in survival games, especially Conan. Even if Dragon’s Dogma isn’t strickly a survival game, it’s Night time feels more like a survival game than Conan Exiles night time.

Please explain what is so different about what I see in the video (a lantern lit party of adventurers it seems?) and Conan gameplay. maybe other than camera zoom In 3rd person?

They want it NOT so dark… Thats their reasoning. Mostly when they have thralls on the rope, because then you cannot equip a torch.
I usually wait some minutes and then the night is over (offical server).

And it depends on the region, if it is completely dark or not.

And it should be DARK. There are no light sources… Go at night into the woods, when its cloudy or no moon. Its dark as ■■■. You dont have street laterns in a forest…

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More enemies. Different enemies. Night specific enemies. I believe they have a harder time seeing you at range, but once they see you and are up close, they are as accurate as normal.

It’s obviously a lot harder to see as well. The belt lantern is a cool too. It lets you play without affecting what you can do with your character’s hands, when it runs low on oil the light dims as well making it harder to see as well, and getting wet (swimming, walking under a waterfall, walking in waist deep water, etc) just puts the light out entirely.

Lantern isn’t taking up their hands, darkness has additional mechanics tied to it. Things like specific enemies spawning at night (zombies, ghosts, necromancers, theives) certain player buffs that can only be activated at night, and so on.

The night time more like it has actual substance beyond just blindfolding the player.

I have my gamma set to 2.5. Anymore and I just see a gray blob instead of a black blob.

for convenience, sure belt lantern seems nice. Considering that is more RPG style and not survival, things like are not as important. The focus seems to be the story and the adventure more than mere survival (and pvp). I suppose FC could add some more substance/mechanics to nighttime, but honestly I would rather them concentrate on other issues atm.

Things like night are the first thing they should be focusing on if they want to be a survival games.

It’s actually more important in Conan Exiles. In Conan Exiles you can’t stop in an inn then instantly have it be morning. Things like Dragging thralls is limited to one hand. In Dragon’s Dogma, casting things like fire magic also lights up the area, and CE has nothing comparable.

yeah to each his own I suppose. If you forget to prepare for night then I suppose it’s hard mode?

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I meant sorcery.

In a survival game:

  1. water
  2. food
  3. environment (including weather and night)
  4. shelter
  5. clothing

should be the most important focus and in that order.

he said comparable, not exact…there is a difference between a replication and a substitution.

this statement rings true logically in my book

I’d like to live in your country if 4k TVs are so cheap, here in italy we all have just full hd, a 4k is 1500+ € wich is 1+1/2 monthly average wage :sweat_smile:

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I think @Mikey was saying 500-1000$ was not going to get a true high end TV.

Ark has some dinos that are much more dangerous at night, but I also didn’t terribly like night there either. And similarly I felt night brought the game to a halt, but it felt right because you felt incredibly vulnerable until you were fairly well established.

In 7D2D, the night time meant zombies sprinted after you if they spotted rather than walked. And they never lost you until day, again truly makes you feel vulnerable. The one benefit this game USED to have is you could still be productive at night by mining.

I don’t care for extended night periods in any of these games, much like I don’t care for certain mechanics these 3 share such as being required to eat enough for 10 people. My big issue with prolonged night play is this, humans sleep at night. We don’t stumble around blindly and that time passes quickly. But you never see hardcore survival game fans asking for a mechanic that requires you to take a break to lay stationary.

Hey, have you seen how much cardio people do in these games? It’s no wonder they’re hungry all the time.

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Get your meme in order

I play on an official server and cant say I have any of those problems.
I must be blessed

We had our fun with private servers, thats where the problems lay

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Indeed. It’ll get you a perfectly serviceable TV that’ll be good enough for most people, and it’s usually good value for money, since you get fairly minor upgrades for spending 5 x the money (or more) on high-end gear.