I would like to at least play this game online again

Hello, just now i cant join the official sever i used to play since 2020, the 1977. When we open the game game and choose to join the server a the loading bar reaches it ends and the game never launchs. Its a racurring problem since i started to play that returns after each patch. I really enjoy the game but its turning harder and harder to play, bugs, ban, over priced stuff (because no regional prices, only in steam, and now indisponible server). I bougth battlepass and baazar stuff and now i cant enjoy then because i cant even enter the gameworld im used to play, i have to go offline of go to other server that is not guaranted that will function properly and start from scrath. Every bug report is recieved and nothing is done? I work on a small IT crew that attends 5k users directly and an unknow amount indirectly, its hard work i know but we keep at least the minimum that is maintain our servers all acessible.

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