Official Server 1092 online

Hi, the server it’s closed, but one or two players can play. But… All other can’t, normaly the server play at 18/20 players at 00h. Lot of contact can’t connected…
There is problem, lot of crash, all players said of DDOS.
Can you do one thing ?

looking over other threads, this has been going on for at least 17 days, across meany servers. the same;
sever is online with 1/40 or 0/40 and unable to connect, stuck on loading screen.

Now there was a response to that thread, saying they where looking into something, So, i think its about time FUNCOM! you give us a little info on the issue?

Your coding, DDOS? a problem with a solution in the works? or , just tell us if you cant do anything.

Its cruel and wrong to keep people in this state of frustration, and people wont forget if they end up leaving game, due to lack of communication.

and i know at the end of the day, if the higher up say, ‘keep stum’ the community managers cant tell us anything… so i don’t blame community managers for this lack of communication

ADDED: maybe each time it happens we ask ‘why can’t i connect to the server, and why is it stuck on the loading screen?’

if we all ask the same question (as we have) and in the same way, maybe it will get to the frequent ask questions section? nah, i know lol

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