Server #1996,please restart it at least

When the server restart we can join without any problem,after 5 min nobody can join anymore because the infinite.

Hi there,

Official Server #1996 requires a significant amount of work and our developers are working to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, I do not have anymore information about the progress of this server at this time. Please keep a look out for more information on the forums.

Thank you for the response,hope you guys fix it asap,please dont stop giving us information even that is a bad one,at least we gonna know what is coming,because right now,we dont know if the server is going back right now or a week from now,anyway thanks for the feedback,i would be glad if you guys restart the server #1996 so i can join and play the game for a little

I am happy to help and I understand your frustration. Please let me say that we will update all of the players to the status of these servers as soon as we have more information.

3 days to fix the damage must have been very big …

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