I would pay for a game that works


It’s sad to see the direction of this game. For years Funcom has been ignoring significant bugs and introducing new bugs. I wanted Funcom to succeed and hire competent people and make the game work, I bought most DLC, hell I even bought an extra account because server transfer was so poorly implemented - clans had free server travel, solo players were screwed with losing everything on transfer, so some of us used a second account so we could also get free server travel. Of course that was such a fiasco that rather than fix it they just gave up.

And focused on fluff. It’s hilarious that their monetization strategy is to add more models. For years they’ve been scredoogling us with a game with terrible performance, they got rid of variety in crafter outfits for performance. And they started wiping people’s bases for performance. And now the brilliant monetization plan is to leave combat-focused gameplay so buggy as to drive people away and focus on adding more item models to the game. So all we have left is players who like to build, and they have an ever-growing number of pieces to build with and items to decorate with, performance be damned. I have never seen the Exiled Lands so overbuilt - vast bases everywhere with thousands of intricate models (I’m not slamming it in principle, I love seeing what people build… but no plan was made to account for the performance impact).

I would pay a monthly fee to play on a Conan server without severe bugs and performance issues. I just want a game that works.

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You want performance?

You get it here:


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