Icons for Thralls do not change once they have been Converted

Game mode Online private or Single-player
Mods None
Type of issue Misc
Server type PvE
Region North America
Version 196231/23625

I was under the impression through reviewing the Wiki that as an NPC goes through the process of becoming your Thrall, that their icon would change in a manner to visually distinguish them from the unconverted thrall. This is not actually something I’ve observed within the game.

Did it ever work?

Can you make it function again, please? This would be a really nice feature, and I believe the graphical assets are already loaded into the game.

Users would be able to visually distinguish between their thralls still in progress and those which have been converted on their wheel of pain. It would add extra panache to the process which is nearly core to this title.

This is how the differences are supposed to appear.

This is how they actually appear:

You could even add a bit of Color, like you do for modified weapons or armor.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Capture an Exile I
  • Break them fully on your Wheel
  • Capture a second Exile, of the same type
  • Place them on the same Wheel
  • Do the icons appear visually different?
  • Attempt to move a thrall into a different position on your wheel to see if they are “Done” or not.
  • Be careful not to say Yes to the prompt about destroying an unconverted thrall.

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