Thumbnails for Thralls look identical before / after conversion

So, when dragging a captive Thrall to the Wheel of Pain, I thought that their thumbnail image was supposed to be visually different for a not yet converted thrall and a converted thrall.

Based upon this screen capture, the two thumbnails look exactly identical to me. The Wiki shows one version as being a bit more bold and the other being a bit more diminished. In the game as I experience it, I can not tell the difference.

You will notice that there is a Taskmaster (converted) in charge of this Wheel, and one which is undergoing conversion listed below. Also the thumbnail appears in the “progress bar” area, which is the only way I can distinguish if they still have more time to go.

Could we please visually modify the thumbnails so that they are more easy to distinguish? Maybe add a tint of color or something, if we don’t wish to do a lot of graphical work.

Game Mode: Solo / Co-op. PvE
Server Region: NA
Version: Latest public release.
I’m not really sure if this merits being reported as a bug or a suggestion.

Another Example

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