I'd love to see more plants and statues in future battlepasses

So one of the things I like about the battle passes is that they are kind of a grab-bag of assorted placeables. Now so far the aesthetic hasn’t been one I get a ton of use out of (Though the architecture elements in the first battle pass were great!) I’d like to see things that maybe have a bit more universal appeal.

Plants speak for themselves - a lot of people (from what I’ve seen on the forums over the years) have wanted them, and I for one just adore the new tree. It’s great! I think a tree or bush or fern of something thrown into future passes will help make them more worthwhile just on their own.

But I’d like to make the argument for some statues as well. They would be a great way to expand the lore some, as statues of mentioned deities like Dagon, Hanuman, Tsathoggua, Yog, Mitra and any others would be fantastic. (A more bold idea wight be to oneday attach gameplay value to them by having them give ‘blessings’ in the form of AOE buffs/debuffs and treated similarly to temples, but that’s a different thing altogether.)

I do this because I like to create shrines and temples using these statues to deities that otherwise might never show up, or even to deities that don’t really exist in the conan stories, but I just insert for myself into the setting, as you can see from a few examples:

Open me for Pics!

Like, I’m sure there are people who get joy from the various shelves and cabinets and wall decals - but I think statues would a great decorative placeable type to start putting in the battle passes.

(And while I have your attention, can we please get a Turan style Rhino saddle, and some Atlantean/ “ancient Aquilonian” armor in the style of the Aquilonian statues? Those would be ace!)


I was thinking before I read that we have plenty of statues and no possible way to use them all.
Even taxidermy can be used this way as long as the fantasy of the creator is crossing logical lines ! I wouldn’t mind personally to have more in this game, but what i would really like is for some decorative items to become more useful. What i mean is that we could have shrine bases and place statues to be worshiped as gods of our imagination! At the time i was going to build this shrine and place a statue on it, i would have both “venerate the gods” and show your “religious zeal” journey steps.

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The idea of shrine bases, and then using statues to create a temple is a great idea!

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