Religious and cultural placables

Can we get some more placables that focus on specific religions and races? Currently there’s nothing as far as statues, pottery, tapestries, and furniture that are centered around derketo or the other gods like you would expect.


So something like a Bed, maybe the ability to make some of those impaled skeletons that we walk past on the way out of the desert when we first start the game… Bone furniture(How cool would it have a throne made of the bones of fallen foes?)


More religious placeable items would be great. Good idea!

Yes please now!

I’d love to have statues and idles of the gods, beautiful tapestries depicting them, maybe even ribbons that hang from the ceiling. The cat statues that you see on the t3 derketo shrine. Statues of the beasts of the land like the big cats or those big tree monsters. I’m mainly looking for something that can give real depth to a rp server (and a world text chat o.o)

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Perhaps some more taxidermy options like more rugs… If we can get the head and the skin of that specific animal we should be able to make a proper rug that looks like it was made of that animal… Such as a bear head and bear hide being made into this: