Religious building materials and decorative items

Would like speciic building blocks/materials tied to deities.
For example: Derketo would have black with gold trim, cat idols, black and gold pillows, maybe an altar (separate from the main shrines/temples) and personal shrines (mini versions of the pleasure place, that takes up no more than 1 square block space), cat tapestries, suggestive (or not so suggestive) statues, etc.


I really like this idea, I would love to be able to build a structure around my temple that matched. Using the materials similar to the witch palace. I have to use Khitan to get a cat statue.

These items could be added to the different tiers of religious unlock in feats, maybe the building parts are t3, but the decorations might come with the t2 unlock for the religion.

Adding dances to this suggestion, too.

Religious specific dances (dances that can only be learned at shrines)
Dancer thralls placed within a certain range of the shrines will perform these dances.

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