Idea for a legendary weapon set

Yeah, as soon as someone told me Glimmermoon acted as a light source it came off my wall and into my inventory. Infinite light source, which also works as an effective weapon (even though I don’t generally like axes) and can be wielded while dragging unconscious thralls? Yes please. Yes, the light is dim, but at least I can see where I step or who I’m fighting in the middle of the night.

(Fighting a Big Spider in total darkness is scary. But they’re scarier still when I can actually see them…)

In Australia, that’s known as “Wednesday”.

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So Im guessing a Skeleton boss or the Serpentine someone…? Ok thanks for the images jot, Im going to have a look next chance I get , at that and Glimmermoon.

Coming from an Aussie, its not limited to wednesdays Mikey! :wink:

For more information on the friendly native wldlife consult this thread.

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