Make the game more friendly for arachnophobes

“In western society, around 55% of women and 18% of men experience a fear of spiders to some degree.” According to a quick google search (which I hated to do in case google decided to show me pictures). Even if this is not true, I personally know a lot of arachnophobes and I know several of them would drop this game immediately. I love the game, but I’m considering dropping it too (which means lost potential revenue, if I drop the game I won’t buy any DLCs and so on).

I think the fix can be very simple, although it might require some small work. The optimal solution would be having an option in the settings where you check a box and every spider gets switched out with something else, like a big guitar or something. If that’s too much work I, personally, would settle for a white box running at me. Yes, it might break immersion, but it will enable millions of people to play the game fully.


Not sure if trolling or serious. Either way… :man_facepalming:


He’s certainly not trolling, arachnophobia can be quite a problem in video games. I know several people myself who had to drop various MMORPGs because of their arachnophobia and the relatively realistic looking spiders.

Edit: For PC users in singleplayer (or on private servers) there’s the option to use a mod to get rid of the spiders and replace them with snakes for example.


Mate that is serious creativity xD


So here are my 2 cents.
I think the issue is one of accommodation and customization.
What should the devs accommodate and customize, and when?
I have recently posted asking for technical and glitch fixes that improve the game for everyone, by fixing persistent game crashes first and then other game level issues that negatively affect affect everyone.
Based on responses I have seen so far, I should not hold my breath. :angry:

What you are asking for would positively affect only a small subset of people, arachnophobes.
What about folks who have issues with lizards? Wolves? Elk? or Sabretooth Tigers?
Not to mention folks who have issues playing as a slaver?
I think realistically if something like this change came out, and the game is still rampantly crashing, or enemies are disappearing before they can be looted, or we are unable to use a rope and hold a torch at the same time, far more folks would quit in exasperation immediately upon release.
Simply put the game is good, and there are alot of other fixes that need to be made long before we get to this level of customization. Dev time resources are limited, and if they decide to do this before fixing game breaking issues, they would cause a Blizzcon level backlash, and a huge rage quit.
If the game ever does start to run without consistent crashes and they fix other system wide issues, I would whole heartedly support that level of customization, as long as we get a menu of ALL creatures and an ability to modify/mute them.
I personally would turn off dog barking and other canine sounds, as my protective dog spends half my game play time with hackles raised looking for the barking dogs. :grinning:


55% fear isnt exactly “OH GOD, RUN!!! AHHHHHHH!!!”

I dislike them… I don’t think its a, climb on couch and freak out when one goes across floor… Its a… don’t come near me, or you get stepped on thing. XD

Bob who lives in corner of back room, can live. He gets abunch of those stinkbugs and flies that get in.

We can turn all spiders into spiders wearing bunny slippers? with santa hats on?


That is a very good point. I agree that there are more pressing matters, but if enough people want this it might become part of a future update. If no one says anything the devs won’t know that it’s a problem for some.

It’s also a fair point about other phobias, and muting f. ex. dogs barking, but I don’t know how much effort that would take?

For me it’s debilitating. When I got attacked by a spider in-game I couldn’t even look. When I saw a spider in my bedroom I slept on the couch for 2 days. Yes, most people will tolerate it fine, but it’s just a suggestion to make the game easier for them and 100% playable for me and others like me.

100% serious. It’s debilitating for me. I don’t feel like this is a “facepalm-moment” it’s a serious problem for some people and it might be percieved as mocking someone for having a fear.

"Oh, you don’t want to be shot when you go to work? Not sure if trolling or serious. Either way… :man_facepalming: "

It was the closest thing I saw when I wrote this. The point isn’t what it could be, the point is that I want the option to have it as something else.

Well there’s certainly no harm bringing up the problem. As you say, otherwise how would the devs even know it’s a potential issue? And you seem a reasonable person who realizes it’s probably not top priority either, so… good on you, that’s more than I can say for a lot of people.

I am not sure if there are areas in this game that are guaranteed to be spider-free, depending I suppose on one’s definition of spider. There’s probably creepy-crawlies of some variety in all the biomes isn’t there?

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Agreed. This would fit well to server settings list of features.

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Since the original poster wrote about their issue with Google search showing pictures, I only quote your line here and advice not to take their issue with light of heart.

I relate. My phobia isn’t as bad as yours, but I have to admit that the spiders in this game are rather intimidating in their graphical portrayal. Their behaviour isn’t as accurate though so I am able to tolerate them a tad bit further I wager.

This comes from one who loves spiders.

I often roleplay as a wise sage who has a tarantula familiar. He’s a badass at chess and go game, but leaves the tokens’ surfaces sticky at times. Me and Ginkage are friends. Since he is a familiar, we are able to speak each others’ language.

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At least you have a reasonable understanding of what is possible for the developers at this point. I’d like to lend a hand, because I can’t stand the things. However, playing the game has helped a lot. I used to run away from them in game. Now, they die.

Places to avoid, ie filled with spiders. Also, most of these places have a random spider or two running outside in the area.
EF 5 - Skittering Cavern - Spiders outside the cave and inside.
H 5 - Lots of little spiders around and one giant on the plateau with the needle spire rock.
I 6 - Executioners - Spiders inside and outside of cave entrances. There are two.
J 6-7 - Giant Spider
F 7 - Weaver’s Hollow - Demon spider and lots of little ones. A few outside in the river. There are two entrances.
M 4 - Silkwood - Just don’t
K L 7 8 - North jungle river - Venom spitting spiders all along the river.
O 6 - Demon Spider on the island with a few small ones.

I think that covers it, but you aren’t going to be able to get silk in quantity without them.Maybe you could partner with someone who could clear the way so you can gather.


That bunch sounds like the game has a lot of spider-filled areas. I only stumbled upon the big one in the middle of a plateau next to the noob river.


Decided not to confront it. :laughing:

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Or use it as a catalyst to trade. As a solo player on official, I’m still perfectly able to acquire everything I need, without resorting to trade, the occasional rare thrall aside perhaps. Which is very practical for me, but also a bit of a pity.

I’m sure there are those who could provide silk at a premium in trade for, say, elephant skin or steelfire (especially since low to mid level players who might not otherwise have access to said materials can collect silk too).

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Elaborate further?

Please do not post any edited pictures here. They can be taken in the wrong light by those with a valid fear/phobia.


No offense, but if it’s so bad that they can’t even scroll past a heavily edited picture like what was posted then they probably shouldn’t be playing this game.

Believe me, I have a problem with spiders too. Especially after a certain incident involving a cat face spider which by the way looks nothing like what I posted earlier. Even now seeing a spider in a game that looks anywhere close to one of those bastards still gives me the ■■■■■■■. But I deal because it’s not a spider. It actually helps some because I’m confronting them.

If someone really feels the need, I’m sure that a modder out there can create a mod that does as the OP requested, but I don’t believe this is something the developers should be overly concerned with.

(And the word filter continues to amaze with what it chooses to censor and what it doesn’t. :laughing: )