Arachnophobia mode option

 This may sound silly.  There are a few games now that have this mode as an option for those with the Massive fear of spiders.  We have players that can no longer play due to this.  

The other games make it so you can just click on a box in your own personal options that turn all spiders into something else, like a Cat, Horse, Cow, Alien.  With Conan being so heavy with spiders this would enable a huge audience of people to play this game without hurting the play style of anyone else.
 We understand that trying to accomadate every fear is next to impossible.  This fear is actually suffered by quite and audience of players.  Thank you for having the suggestions area, and hope that this can be evaluated. Thank you also for a great game.
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this could be added… but what would be a fitting replacement for the 8 legged monstrosities? the spiders fill a role ingame protecting caves and providing silk for armor/décor! because of this it isn’t really a option to just “remove them” with a server option… and also… would this get rid of the spider webs found in the exiled lands? it may be difficult to redo entire map sections to remove all traces of spiders… not to mention time consuming!

Hello, whislt i agree with your topic i highly doubt that any game dev will acomodate since its digital and cant hurt you. No offense.

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Clown shoes and clown masks? they make clown horn honk sounds as they move about? XD

I’m still waiting for text chat in several of games I play… its rare for anti-spider stuff to happen. =/

They could always add slimes/blobs who move about in spot of spider, and silk is from there insides.

This subject has come up once before, and made for an entertaining discussion.


I have acrophobia. It’s statistically about as common than arachnophobia.

The thing is, I can hit the in-game spiders with things until they die. But I can’t flatten the high ground places.

(Conan Exiles doesn’t actually trigger my acrophobia. Batman: Arkham City did. So it can be a real issue in computer gaming. Games are also a pretty safe environment to confront our phobias, which is why I played through Arkham City despite notable discomfort at times.)


Perhaps, this would be a good option for a modder to approach.

Believe it or not, there was a time when WoW would trigger my arachnophobia. But after years of that and other titles that you facing off against some rather terrifying arachnids, I no longer have a problem wading right into (for example) one of CE’s spider filled caverns and cutting my way through every single one of them.

I can even get close enough to the RL ones now to squash them with a shoe without freezing up or fleeing the room. My heart still skips a beat sometimes, but it’s no longer a screaming in panic kind of situation. (Well, except for that time a cat face spider crawled up on my shoulder. I think I managed to invent a few new swear words that day. Yes, that is the name of the spider and no, it’s not nearly as cute as it sounds.)


Silk can be sourced aside from spiders and gossamer and the protection of cave could possibly be substituted by another mob. So it would not be detrimental in those 2 regards

Face your fears people, I’m not really scared of any creature, but since the alpha snake :snake: attacked my house :house_with_garden: I hate that thing with a vengeance. He killed my jaguar called Jaxson :confused: a video game is supposed to push your fear receptors makes it more of a challenge. :wolf:


I believe the spirit of this thread was to create options for those with a disability, not tell them

then follow with a self reflecting statement:

I understand you may be wanting to help people but I don’t think your post is helping at all.

I wonder if these things hunt mouse spiders (Which are are also real, and a spider you don’t want to get bitten by, ever, necrotic venom is not fun.), but seriously, the names of some spiders are just weird.

This sounds like something that would be easier done as a mod than a game mode, which I wouldn’t mind supporting, but wouldn’t use, despite having arachnophobia (living in Australia will do that to you). I can handle any spider if it’s in a game, but real ones, I will immediately panic, and then look for the nearest solid object so I can basically reduce said spider to a smear, it will usually be about 3-5 swift, hard swings, since by then I know it’s easily dead.

There are a few exceptions that I will either leave or avoid, cellar spiders get left alone as they’re generally harmless, but you couldn’t pay me enough to approach a trapdoor or Sydney funnel web.

But again, to the OP, this would be easier/faster to implement as a mod, which would mean console players would be left out/left waiting longer for such an option. If there is a part of the forums where mod requests/submissions are posted (if there isn’t one, this totally should happen), I would suggest posting there if you are a PC player, or have a look in the Steam workshop, as there might already be one there.

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Here we find ourselves again hey @CrystalGoddess. Yeah Im sure we have both seen our fair share of spiders where we live.

Your certainly right there. White Tailed Spiders are also bad for that, they are also known to have a necrotic effect as a result of their venom. Whereas the Sydney Funnelweb just tends to make people…well…die. Trapdoor spiders were good fun as a kid. We used to use the hose to flush them out of their burrows then squish them. And there was certainly an abundance of them in some of the areas I have called home.

Yep, after 3-5 wacks that spider isnt going to be feeling to good. Not to mention his constitution will have changed somewhat.

Here is a very interesting read regarding Australian spiders. For any and all readers, did you know they will even kill and feed upon some of the countries most deadly snakes…!? Here is an article which includes some pictures. I do caution that there are spider images within (obviously), however a very interesting read if you can manage it.

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If you play on PC, there is a MOD or two which turn them into sth else: scorpions, etc. If on official or consoles though, you might be out of luck. I have played many games with an option for colour blind people but I don’t know any game with an option for arachnophobia. Not sure how many people are affected and how viable it is but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Every time I saw one of those mods, I wondered why they were made. Now I know.

Exposure therapy is a common practice for treating phobias.
VR has been successfully used to treat all sorts, but non VR games work well too.

I wouldn’t say I’m arachnophobic, but if I had to pick a living thing I would be least willing to touch, spiders would be it.

To people with arachnophobia or any other phobia relevant to Conan Exiles, I would actually suggest seeing a professional in exposure therapy.

In most cases it’s treatable, and wouldn’t it be great if you could play a game while working on getting rid of a fear of something?

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Not sure :stuck_out_tongue:

I do know you could make diamonds from coal with my “tension” when I’m building on an edge at height. Hasn’t yet made me any better with heights IRL. Maybe with time…

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The exiled lands are no place for cowards.

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I apologize in advance for what now will following:

It’s just a game, it’s just digital and not the reality.
If it’s scaring you, then do not play it and switch to Hello Kitty Island.

its a game for barbarians and psychopathic gamer.


Master Clan of 3030 Official

Maggots/worms maybe? (Like Tent Worm Caterpillars? or Silk Worms?)