Arachnophobic mode

Can you put an arachnophobic mode for sensitive people? Especially when you see the giant spiders it gets worse.


Is there any game with such a mode? Colour blindness is common and many games have a mode for the most common type but I have not heard of a game with a mode for arachnophobia.

It is a perfectly valid suggestion, however considering how old the game is, unlikely to be implemented.


I think there’s a mod you can download that replaces spiders with scorpions or something else, so that might work for you. You won’t be able to play on official servers at all if you use it though, and any private servers would also need the mod so it’s unlikely you’d find one, so pretty much just single player mode unless you want to rent your own server.


Satisfactory replaces spiders with cats


sensitive people should not pick brutal games
CE does quite the opposite with dark caves where spiders prowl and spider gods that rain spiders from sky

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It is not the first time I listen this from a player. I had teammate that had arahnophobia and in a server that I was co admin in one of my custom runs (event) for the players of the servers I had to replace spiders with something else. I do respect this a lot. Conan exiles is a beautiful game that attracts people for similar gaming reasons. Some like just to build, some others just to pvp, avoiding almost all the pve content of the game. I ain’t gonna criticize if it’s right or wrong, it’s fun. Me and @Marcospt yesterday night stayed up until 5 in the morning doing a challenge… For fun. If we were younger without responsibilities we wouldn’t leave the joysticks, we would be still playing.
I really wish there was a way for a player with “special issues” to be able to enjoy games without fear. It’s a bit utopic, but I still wish it.


Satisfaction? NOT! Stop killing cats, dogs or turtles or rabbits

I hadn’t have so much fun gaming in a long time! Can’t wait to jump back to action.:smile:
You know this game like the back of your hand and you are probably the most positive player I ever met in many years. It’s a real pleasure to play at your side.
And our characters are really hot! :laughing:


So lets start a list of the “safe space game mods”?

Should the devs already spare a space in the settings tab for just “sensitive people” ?


Sensitive Tab
Toggles on or off:

  • Dick size for people who are sensitive to having small dicks
  • Boob size for people who are sensitive to having small/big boobs
  • Independent choice of genitals and bodies because people might be non binary
  • Hair choices to people sensitive for being bald
  • Foot size for people who are sensitive for having small/big feet
  • Lenght of words because some people are dislexic
  • Blood color because some people cant see blood
  • Sounds of breaking bones or body stretching because of PTSD

And I could go on and on as to the long exhausting list of things.

There is a moment when having options gets in the way of exercising the options.
Every optional content must be made balanced. Right ? So if you can toggle spiders or not for example, you have to make the game be as much as it is with them, and again, another game, I say the same: Making things optional in a game is most likely akin to making them irrelevant.

Imagine an extreme case:

  • Make ranged combat optional.

That means the game must be designed to be the same content performed with or without ranged combat. That means we need to have a level design and systems design that disregards the existence of ranged combat, ergo, ranged combat is irrelevant.

Everything you make optional will make that which is optional be irrelevant.

  • Make mounts optional.
    Same thing, if mounts are optional devs must make levels so you can reach places in a fashionable time with or without mounts, therefore, mounts are irrelevant.

And on and on.

So yeah, making optional things kinda has a limit.


not to mention having specific theme, specific audience and specific genre with specific content
make it for everybody and it:
won’t actually be good for everybody,
won’t be what made it good in a first place
and won’t be anything worth spending time on, just another piece of bland trash

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I’m not opposed to toggles like this existing, but on the other hand it should also ‘fit’ the game it’s applied to. Brutality and horror are fundamentals of the Conan universe.

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Dude, I laughed my pants off while reading your post! :joy:
Without being able to differentiate authoritatively which fobias are ‘valid’ and which are just a post modern fad, I may suggest a criteria. There are what we could call time tested fobias, meaning these have been around “forever”. Irrational fear of mice, arachnids and snakes are rather common, but usually they aren’t so disabling that people can’t play videogames where these animals are featured. In some extreme cases it happens, but it’s relatively rare. In the case of spiders, people can play the game almost avoidind all of them.
That said, a good way to overcome fobias is through gradual desensitization and video games are not a bad way to do it. Someone affected by an acute manifestation of such fobia could consider trying single player mode, use cloak mode and slowly get an increasingly closer exposure to spiders. Gradually, if things go well, said person could actually be able to play the game.
Of course it would be impossible for studios and modders to cater for all sorts of fobias (especially a few you quoted so humorously).
It’s always better to work on overcoming them and, in this game, there are ways of playing that can actually help.


Small penis fobia exists “forever”.
Prehistoric humans depicted their gods with dicks almost the size their own bodies for that exact reason. Should I mention that the original form of the cupid is the same that originated Priapus, which are gods that literally are flying giant dicks ?

I guess “existing forever” is not a good measure.

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To be fair, Satisfactory’s spiders are also WAY more creepy than anything Conan has. :no_mouth:

It’s also got a completely different theme. You’re not a savage barbarian trying to conquer and dominate all your enemies through brute force. Instead you’re a corporate drone loyal to and owned by FICSIT Inc. sent to an alien planet for the sole purpose of bringing it all the joy and wonder of industrialization.

Time tested, if you prefer and I’m not sure there’s a phobia of small penises! :joy:
However, people who want to have a massive dick in this game can actually do it, either during character creation or via the potion of endowment.
The point I was making is that some phobias you can take seriously and perhaps they could be considered when making a game while others are not phobias at all, just poorly adjusted worldviews/behaviors. Funny enough, the industry seems to be paying more attention to the second.

I wonder if people have the measure of their rational as to asking replacing spiders in this game, which has the thing about knocking down characters cold, putting them to run in a wheel named “of Pain” until they break and obey you blindly.

It is worse than the Conan Movie making a Darfari that eats humans raw affraid of rats.

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The thing is, phobias are not rational. You can be a psycho and tremble at the sight of mice. You might perfectly understand all the cruelty that NEEDS to be present in this game, understand it is a game and just a game, and still have arachnophobia. Apples and oranges.
But I DO understand your point.
I also believe having spiders in the game can actually help people with arachnophobia through gradual desensitization.

That from the point of view of the medieval european theory of psychology that assumes there is a “normal” and anything out of it is “not rational”.

Everyone who has a phobia, has it for a reason that in their minds make sense.

And yeah, dozens of experiments, many of them not much of a “ethic” experiment shows that without the internal consistency, even shocking experience cannot develop a phobia. Eg, the people who doesnt develop phobias in situations one assumes people would. And the fact that “a sober” look on phobia sufferers always render a internally consistent reason as to why they have them.

That is how people had a breakthrough in treating phobias. They understood that proving, for example, that rats are more afraid of you does not cure phobias, and instead you have to understand what specific internal logic a person have to fear rats.

However “being a psycho” has nothing to do with fearing mice or not. However, it is correlated that sociopaths often have a history of torturing small animals. So statistically, you actually are not likely to be a sociopath and fear small mice.

@KorgFoehammer I suggest you read this very simple article to gather more information on this subject, if you wish.

Particularly this excerpt you may find relevant:

'One part of the CBT treatment process that’s often used to treat simple phobias involves gradual exposure to your fear, so you feel less anxious about it. This is known as desensitisation or exposure therapy.

For example, if you have a fear of snakes (ophidiophobia), your therapist may start by asking you to read about snakes. They may later show you a picture of a snake. They may then arrange for you to visit the reptile house of your local zoo to look at some real snakes. The final step would be for you to hold a snake.

Exposure therapy works by gradually increasing the level of exposure to your fear, which allows you to gain control over your phobia. As the treatment progresses, you should begin to feel less anxious about your phobia.’

Anyway, I’m bowing out of this discussion now.


With arachnophobia mode turned on, what will Zath show as? A giant Teletubby shooting rainbows from its belly button?

There is a mod that replaces all spiders with goats or something. You can download that.