Arachnophobic mode

Well will sound agressive and and in same way most idiotical… but dont play if u have some phobia or avoid region, go in trades and so on, i dont know nowadays peoples are damn sensitive to everything, i mean time ago it was meh, u lived conquered fear get pass them but now, waah i am afraid of that and that lets please change it , i dont care if someone maybe likes spiders, because i cant hold them need to change it…

U know what , i am terrified of damn grubs, they represent my deadly fears, so what i do?

Steep 1 - I understand they are damn binar code without real possible harm to me and are NOT REAL
steep 2 - i always wander in any worm region with other players so they mostly kill them
steep 3 - i allways try to make fun about them as goofy waterbalooons

In reality i dont know why but i am deadly afraid of worms, but spiders well one lives under my bed, good guy kills all flys in summer, he had wife and 3 kids, i think i accidentally eated one in sleep mode… but he forgiven me already, i give him live flys , and we spend good time, that i even called him Borris… a hairy native leggy spider… well but maybe need also worm-a-phobic mode that replaces textures of worms in game,… i mean i dont understand logic…

sure thats how my brains work, but i dont get how fears can be so big that u cant see 1, and 0 sequence code that represents spider, worm, human or any phobia… i mean phobias is lot , but to specially one change whole game, that is not normal… + conan essence is raw barbaric gameplay with nude womans and big dik edited guys under dogfish… or whataever that big dik fish are… also some players i bet has phobia on big diks… lets change that…

P.S i bet after revealing idea i get ‘‘flag’’ from sensitive humans , who plays barbaric game xd

but thanks for attention :slight_smile: wish u all good and barbaric day



As someone who actually had a crippling fear of spiders, I can vouch for that. When I first started playing WoW way back when it launched, I wouldn’t even go into some areas because of how creepy the spiders were. But one day I asked myself just what the hell I was so afraid of. They’re just pixels on a screen. They aren’t real and they can’t hurt you. So I made the conscious decision to venture into those spider infested areas and over time it became no big deal. I also found that I wasn’t freaking out so bad at RL spiders either.

I still find the spiders in the aforementioned Satisfactory creepy AF though, but not enough that I need to have a cat image clumsily pasted on top of them.


If anything, the cat adds to the terror. A thinly veiled illusion of innocence, when you know a formless monster hides behind it trying to kill you. Very lovecraftian in a sense.

this is what i agree but they are also binar code… its like thing that is not real - how the hell it can even hurt us… :smiley: by the way need to find what phobia is fear from worm types, as earthworm, caterpillars etc :smiley:

I don’t think many of you understand what a phobia is capable of. For example, I have a weird reaction to needles. Serving in the Army was an interesting affair because of the amount of times we were vaccinated, as well some injuries and other medical issues requiring either injections or blood tests. How it affected me is I had no fear or anxiety to seeing a needle, nor did I have any issue watching a needle go into skin.

First time at MEPS I was able to overcome the conscious fear and watch a blood test being performed. Consciously I was able to watch it and thought it was neat and admired the expertise shown by the medic. And then everything turned to static and I passed out. No amount of discipline or whatnot could have prevented that. And since then when giving blood donations or getting vaccines or blood tests, I had to turn away to prevent passing out.

I’m fortunate that my reaction to what triggers my issue does not cause any sort of actual fear or anxiety. Its simply an internal reaction that makes me feel light headed and I have an easy means of coping with it should I need to. Not everyone is that fortunate.

Phobias aren’t something many people can just get over. So think that and have a little compassion for those who suffer from said ailments. And the idea of people with phobias having to avoid a ‘brutal’ game is ridiculous. I served in a field where I was trained to do things far more brutal then you will ever see possible in this game, and served well despite having a needle phobia. This is just a video game.

And as far as it being worth while for Funcom to add a feature based on how many people suffer from extreme cases of Arachnophobia. That’s for FC to determine, not us. Allow those who have issues to explain themselves and let their feedback go unimpeded. Then FC can make a determination on their own whether or not it is feasible to accommodate those players.


I can’t even get Text Chat in most online games… (I’m mute) I doubt anti -spider mode would ever happen.

Thou, I’m sure more people have fear of spiders then mutes. XD


Theres a cure for that- epic short swords. Makes short work of spiders quickly.

I have acrophobia (fear of heights). The first time I started playing Batman: Arkham City I almost didn’t make it through the first scene on the rooftops. I got over that one and eventually made it through the game, even though there were a few instances of “nope, not going there” I had to conquer. And there are many, many, many places in Conan Exiles that cause me considerable discomfort. I’m unlikely to ever get so used to heights, even in video games, to be completely cured of the phobia. But at least I haven’t suffered from a “nope, not going there” moment for a long time now, despite having some dizzy spells when teetering on a cliff edge.

Now, phobias that are connected to mental traumas are another matter, and as far as I know, repeated exposure to such triggers is not going to help, because the mind is unable to process the experience, but instead gets stuck in reliving the traumatic experience. I’m sure our resident psychologist @Marcospt would be able to explain this better than I. (Sorry for invoking you, Marcospt, even though you said you’re out of this discussion. If you don’t feel like getting back to it, I respect your decision.)


@Kapoteeni there are many strategies to deal with the diferent anxiety responses caused by traumas. Although some sort of exposure therapy, if not always connected to the stimulus but to its effects, like the memories of the traumatic events, our rationalizations to deal with the thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, etc, will come in place, depending on the person, the personality, the type of trauma and its effects and so on, trauma-focused treatments may be too overwhelming, especially if there’s difficulty in establishing a relation of trust with the therapist who will take them through treatment. This is often the case when childhood abuse, especially if prolonged, is the source of the trauma. On those instances a phase-oriented treatment that involves the establishment of trust, safety, stabilization, and skills training is the best strategy before implementing trauma-focused work. The most well-studied and effective types of psychotherapy for the consequences of trauma (phobias, PTSD, etc) are those that are “trauma-focused,” which means that the treatment involves focusing on the specific traumatic event. Some involve exposure methods, while others involve cognitive restructuring, which works through identifying and then re-evaluating thought patterns that underlie the strong negative feelings that are associated with traumatic memories. In any case, the therapist will mostly likely have to face the attempt or desire to suppress unwanted internal experiences, by the patient, an unwillingness to stay in contact with his internal experiences related to the traumatic experience, a natural reaction that in this case became a cycle through the process of negative reinforcement. Since avoiding to deal with his internal experiences provides short-term relief, it increases the likelihood that the behavior will be repeated which may end negatively impacting his mental health and behaviors. Psychopathology is often the result of both bad problems and bad solutions, based on a dangerous and ineffective use of experiential avoidance strategies. This is why avoiding the stimulus, the trauma, its memories, etc, if perpetuated, is a really bad idea. What is important is going through the process of healing with the help of a qualified professional, when we are dealing with life altering scenarios.


If you both @Kapoteeni and @Marcospt allow me here, speaking from personal experience, the most difficult part in this game is to convince the parents that their child has an issue. The pediatricians and the teachers, most of the time find a WALL from parents “My child is perfectly fine”, “it’s not your job”, “do you have children?”, “no it’s ok I was the same in my childhood”.
This WALL eventually must come down, parents must have seminars for these issues, mandatory seminars, the children suffer our ignorance, on 2022 and we say we are civilized.
Not yet, we still have a long way to go, not yet.


Then my phobias is i think normal ones, and not at max level but actually while playing conan i dont have so much fear of worms, well still cant touch them and work at garden but if i see them i aint changing street in rain just because someone may step on them and they will go orbital fly and when falling aims staight on me… and falls inside dress and damn cant get out, like it damn happened when i was 5 and probably caused this idiotical fear.

also have fear of see my own blood or needles, so when need to take samples i just ask for sniffing spirit ( dunno in english )

But still if people has such big fear that they fears of pixelated binar code, they need medical help not playing games that improves reflexes and nerves…

By the way i had one player in server 6422 long time ago that had fear of spiders, it was damn pain in a** a bit… i mean i got that they had fears and well they were friendly so i dont want to say like so get it right …

but logic was damn kikass comparing to me
i play on low medium distance to save up resources and get bigger fps because of sturctures… so i dont see mobs who is too far but only like in range, so one day we wandered to west side of map i usually like to play as guide that shows things and tell stories about it while we were near ‘‘hobbit house um in misty mountain’’ one of them really started to scream and disconnect, i was like wtf, there is no spiders around i even knowing they had fear fookin esxplored way without them even grid where they not spawning,…
now guess for what screaming - they played on max render range, so they saw spiders that is like 2-3 grids away from mountain peak…
I mean where is logic if u have fear then i dont know, atleast use logical settings… not ultra … sure u will see also spider altar far away from mountain…
but in such cases humans need medic help not playing games…

No one has heard of exposure therapy?


No offense but if you’re taking mental health advice from Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro, you’re just gonna end up in an even worse state than you started off with

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Whatever you may think about Peterson’s political ideas, you shouldn’t mix them with his competence as a psychotherapist @Jimbo . The guy is both experienced and very knowledgable. Just because he is not aligned with progressivists, doesn’t mean he is a bad professional. The other guy I don’t know much about. Only that he is right wing. You guys are living very strange and polarized times over the US. Dreadful to see what the US society has became in this last decade.


True, but I would still look for a better take on Peterson’s expertise than an interview with Ben Shapiro. Peterson is a psychologist, Shapiro is a political commentator.

Doesn’t always work. I donated blood over 20 times in 4 years while serving in the Army and still can’t get over a needle phobia. The last episode involving a reaction almost had dire consequences. The scary part is, I don’t even have as bad reaction as some.

Yeah. His political leanings were never the focus of my attention. I do, however, know his work as a psychotherapist and author and he is quite something. I’m also aware about the unfair character assassination he was relentlessly submited to due to political reasons. Usually, the perpetrators are unqualified intervenients who attack him based on ideology, often in the most grotesque and unfair ways. Peterson, plainly put, is a psychiatrist of rare brilliance and it is a shame that a sort of “thought police” has glued on him the most outlandish labels, just because he disagrees with parts of their worldview and ideas regarding social structuring. All in all, a shameful mess. It seems these days there are factions within society who will only concede one the freedom to think as they deem acceptable. Some of Peterson’s detractors are responsible for a lot of the ideological standings that camouflage as scientificly sound theories presently, not without prejudicial social consequences. It’s a shame. In the 80’s or 90’s, he would have met a lot of praise between his peers, not always agreement, but definitely intellectual merit would have been his to harvest. Academia changed quite a bit since then.
But I would prefer to avoid these topics on this forum. It’s convoluted enough without us introducing even more noise (of this genre, I mean).


That’s not therapy, @Taemien . That’s just exposure. :wink:


That’s basically why I commented what I did, because people do things like that on both ends of political spectrum, and Shapiro is one of those people.

Yup! Politicians and political commentators tend to taint everything they touch these days :slight_smile:


Just a personal experience I want to share with you guys:
I had, and still have for at least 10 years a recurring (every 2-3 weeks) NIGHTmare: snakes everywhere… Not in big piles, just on the street I see a couple, in my backyard I see a couple, in the car, etc. And literally is a nightmare, I panic in my dreams, and when I wake up, my heart rate is up. But no snakes I made contact with.
But I’m not afraid of snakes! :open_mouth: I like them, I hold them if I have a chance (once I held a giant yellow anaconda which was twice of me (I was roughly 185 cm tall that time) - but boy that serpentine was THICC.
In Hungary there is only 2 species of vipers, and they are not deadly and are very rare, but I had the luck to meet one when I was a kid. Me and my cousin grabbed it with two strong sticks, played with it, then (please do not stone me for that!!!) we killed it, because we thought it could be dangerous to the dogs, cats and livestock - mainly chickens and ducks.
So I have abolutely no fear of snakes, I recently thought about having one, and like them in the game too mostly the big ones for their demon blood and flesh to make soup, but I still have my worst nightmares because of them. Weird.

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