Can you help me? A feature i need Conan Exiles to have!


Hiya! I’m Georgia, i’m a 16 year old girl with Autism. I’m really excited for Conan Exiles, but i have an issue stoping me from getting it. 2 years ago i suffered (still am) to intrusive thoughts. Now if you don’t know what that is, it’s where unwanted and disturbing thoughts come into your head causing you emotional pain. For me it’s violence, i get very gory images in my head, causing me to fear violence. Now i love video games, but this mental illness limits me in the fun video games have to offer. I have been through therapy since i got them so 2 years. The thoughts are better but i still get them. I am very very excited for Conan Exiles, but i cannot get it due to it’s un-needed gore. Now i understand this is a Conan game. I am not asking to remove gore but i’m asking to implement an option to switch it off. I know i’ll get hate, i know i’ll get told to play Minecraft or “This game isnt for you.” but i don’t care, i want Conan Exiles, i love Conan Exiles, i will not give up on something i love. I ask for your kindness, will you help me by getting this post noticed so they can see it? I know that implementing a gore off option is easy, way easier than having gore in the first place. It will make me a very happy girl. Lots of love -Georgia :smiley: xx


i dont think this is a bad idea! I would like if the devs implemented a “family safe” sort of option where theres no gore and the thralls dont fall apart. it would probably be an all encompasing box check option that is next to the the non/partial/full nudity option but also forces no-nudity.

i think it’s a good idea, and i’d like to see it happen as a parent control option. :slight_smile:


thank you! I really need this to happen. it’s really really destroying my life with my illness. I can’t do the things I love and I love Conan Exiles. I really need this simple feature:)


I think this is a GREAT idea Georgia :slight_smile:


There’s allready a mod for this, disabeling gore would be easy, maby replace the gore with glitter or something like they do in wow for the chinese market?
What about the combat, is that an issue aswell?

I’m just thinking out loud but maby they could make every weapon show as pillows or something. and the text when things die could say something like “having a really long nap”

Probably too much to ask for, but it would surely be a nice feature for the many people who don’t like or tollerate violence, but still loves conan.

Maby they could do it down the road when the base game is well established?


It’s a wonderful idea as long as the developers make it an (Optional) thing like how they have the Full Nudity or Partial Nudity and the No Nudity Options and not totally remove the Blood and Gore.


no. I’m just asking for when I kill someone they fall to the ground and not turn into parts.


yeah that’s what I’m asking for :slight_smile:


thank you very much :slight_smile:


Hi Georgia, if they don’t add this option right away, you could use the truncheon " the club " , this just knocks them out, no parts :slight_smile:


Trying to live peacefully is sometimes much more difficult than fighting a war.


I think this is a very reasonable request the devs should implement.


Didn’t mean to reply to you, this forum site doesn’t seem to have a delete option.


First of all, you’re 16 and Conan Exiles is for a mature audience, 18 and over. If your mental illness keeps you from playing gory games then Conan Exiles is not for you.


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This is just the wrong attitude towards adding something optional . if she enjoys ANY aspect of the game at all then this game is for her indeed , and there is no objective reason for you to disagree with someone asking for an option that does not hinder or change your experience . also you’r not her parent so you don’t make the decision of what is and what is not for her , and if you are going to bring the law in here consider that she might live in a country that the age ratings wont go higher than 16 or maybe there are none in there .
In my opinion you did not provide any constructive points in your argument and only tried to assert your belief in this topic and for that reason i find your opinion of no value .

Onto the topic now that i got that out of my system :))
I also agree with the topic , even though i do enjoy gore , many of my friends avoid this game and games alike just for that reason , and i think that could potentially bring more players and customers to this game.


I agree, i have christian friends who avoid nudity and gore and if we had this option either as a clientside or serverside or both then it would make it easier for them to swallow.

Hostillity towards optional features that won’t affect you in any way shape or form is just waste of energy.
Go watch bob ross videos on youtube and feel the calm wash over you :slight_smile:


thank you so so much. you are the first person to defend me in that way. my points are getting noticed. and the more supportive comments the better. thank you again. :slight_smile:


thank you very much :slight_smile:


this isn’t a war though. this is me having a mental illness and kindly asking for a gore/off option :slight_smile:


Hey Georgia. I can understand the wish for an option to turn off gore, but what I don’t understand is the fascination with a game that is advertised as being very rough, violent and gory. Conan Exiles needs you to kill to craft even the most essential things like armour. And armour you need for all the fighting that you can’t really get around in this game. So, just out of interest, what is it that makes you want to play this game?

P.S. - I expect lots of new mods coming after release. I’m a modder myself and I’m up-to-date on DevKit updates and topics about modding. :wink: