Gore toggle yet?

Can we get a gore toggle yet?

Since before the game even launched, various Funcom reps have been telling us that the ability to remove the absolutely unnecessary dismemberment and excessive blood as an option similar to the nudity switch was “definitely coming”, “being looked at closely”, “agreed with the devs”, or “in a future update” - and yet, up until now, people with very valid reasons to not want exaggerated explosive gibbing have had to rely on a 3rd-party mod. Well, now Litman has gone off to travel the wilds, and abandoned his mod, and no-one else is willing to pick it up - and no-one should have to!

It is insane that this feature was not there on day one, and even more so that it has been admitted as being considered, relatively easy, and important, by Funcom for years with no actual action being taken.

Some people get squeamish about nudity, and America doesn’t like it, so Funcom makes sure that their sensibilities are protected - but people with Haemophobia, invasive thoughts, mental issues, PTSD, or actual fans of Conan lore who know that the original books were not full of people exploding into pieces every 2 minutes, are SOL? Why? (I have asked Funcom directly why they feel excessive gore is essential to the game, but nudity isn’t, despite the opposite being true in the source material, but they have not answered)

So, can we have our oft-promised gore switch yet?


+1 yes I agree , it must happen like how there’s nudity toggle .

Not having gore toggle while nudity toggle stays on considered as stupid American double standered thing


I completely support this. Just like nudity, we should have the option to toggle off.


Here in America:

Violence = Good
S - e - x = Bad

Animated p*****s?? Won’t someone think of the children! But you can still dismember people and mercilessly kill baby animals, no one will blink.

I really wish we could get full nudity on the console, but such is life. The gore bit doesn’t bother me personally, but I can see why some would want the option. Pretty hilarious that it doesn’t have a toggle like nudity.

Edited to add: Gah I can’t even use the freaking word, won’t someone please think of the children!?!??


Okay America doesn’t have a problem with nudity. It’s the BS people morons keep putting in office. You know how they get there? By people being such pu$$ies that live life worried about everyone’s feelings. I mean this game is too gory for you??? Are you serious? You’re Chopping at people with swords and bladed weapons! That doesn’t leave bruises. It decapitates things. It opens their organs to the ground. It’s bloody and gory. Personally this game should have a ton more ■■■ and be even more gory.

Don’t go blaming PTSD either. Having served over seas in combat I’ve sent everything that NO ONE should ever see. Children beheaded and stacked up in homes because they “cohorted with the Americans” …BS…we played soccer and for that they were killed by “peaceful religious fanatics”. I’ve seen friends separated from body parts and more. Grow a pair already. If you have PTSD that is that bad, do t play games that bring back these thoughts. Or even better go talk to someone but can we not blame a game for problems when all you have to do is not play it?

That being said though…

I see nothing wrong with a toggle. It SHOULD be an end users choice. Same thing with Nudity. I mean who does the rating system think it is telling grown adults that they can’t have nudity in their games.

Sorry don’t mean to sound rude. It’s text. It doesn’t come out with tone. I guess I still have some issues as well but saying it out loud helps.

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I don’t have any particular problem with the idea. I mean, it was more or less standard practice back in the days when FPSes were the hot new item. Though, to be fair, that was also around the time that a bunch of senators were getting their panties in a bunch about heavily pixelated red blobs and really, really campy vampires grabbing at girls in nightgowns.

Still, if you’re going to have a nudity toggle then it only makes sense to have a violence toggle as well.


Ok. There is nothing wrong with wanting the option to not see an exploding bloody mess. Some ppl want to see it in their games and others dont. Nobody’s asking for Funcom to censor the game for everyone… Just that we have the OPTION to select for ourselves. Its not unreasonable for ppl to think this is out of the realm of possibility for Funcom… bc they already have a nudity toggle. Personally i think the exploding bloody mess looks ridiculous and over the top. Some want it, some just dont feel like seeing it over and over. Nothing wrong w that. Its still a game. I think it’s a simple request that doesnt hurt anyone or seem unreasonable. Theres NO reason to not support a toggle and start talking down to others who want this

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Honestly, your last two paragraphs were all you needed to say

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A lot of people from the roleplay community would like to see this. It’s tough for some to suspend their disbelief when they “knock out” someone and their head flies off


He did come off a bit harsh there, but he’s not wrong. A giant blade swung viciously into someone’s gut or arm or leg isn’t gonna just leave a little boo-boo. It’s gonna be messy. Really messy.

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Really? I’ve never had that happen before, personally, but I can see how it would. From a programing perspective I mean. I’d consider that a bug. A minor one though, as long as it doesn’t affect dragging them off to the wheel and glues their head back on when they are done cooking.

Yes. But this is a videogame. We have options, it doesnt have to be gory for everyone. And as far as the realism argument, a sword wont make someone explode. Its wont affect anyone who wants blood and guts at all if theres a toggle. All im saying

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This game rate 17+.

We lack full nudity in USA versions. Now you want to take away gore?

Conan Exiles is for 17+ Not 13+. If we lose gore might as well call it 13+ game. This is Conan Exiles Not hello kitty online. Don’t like the gore, then play another game. 17+ is the label.

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No ones trying to take away your blood and gore dude. Nobody’s asking for “Hello kitty online”… Again, we want the OPTION. Not everyone wants to see it all the time. Just like the nudity. Still a mature game. Hate to break it to you but you can still enjoy a mature game w/o exploding exiles. Why is this hard for some to understand? We are nit calling for gore to be taken out the game.

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Assuming this would be a five-minute fix, then sure. Add it, why not. Doesn’t impact me.

But I don’t think any serious amount of resources (time) should be spent removing functionality from the game. It is what it is (a game for grown-ups), and the “gore” is so over-the-top as to be comical rather than scary or actually gory anyway - in the same vein as Ash vs Evil Dead or similar movies.

(for the record this is also the first time I hear that such a toggle should be promised or in the works - of course my ignorance means jacksquat, just saying - it’s not a universally known thing)

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As long as it’s a toggle, which is what is suggested, sure, why not? It could be it’s seen as a low priority request due to low demand, as this is the first I’ve even heard of it even being considered.

For those who want this in, give the OP a like, as more likes would give some indication of demand.


Having the option to toggle it on and off would be good (for those who like it so they can turn it off) though while they are adding this they should also “fix” the gore. It sometimes seems a weird what kind of body part is cut off, like shooting at the feet and suddenly cutting the whole enemy in half at the waist. Having it more realistic would be great.

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Yep, this is the main reason why I used to use a “no dismemberment” mod, which was unfortunately discontinued. Not because I didn’t want to see body parts flying around, but because they were often the wrong body parts. Amputating someone’s arms with a single arrow felt more wrong than everyone falling neatly to the ground with a little splash of blood.

If there was a toggle for dismemberment, I’d probably use it to disable dismemberment, until Funcom gets their death animations fixed to match the attack that causes the death.


Hm, I don’t think that needs fixing, really. It’s over-the-top and faintly ridiculous, sure, but I don’t mind that.
I don’t want to be that “it’s just a game bruhhh” guy, but I think it fits the style just fine to have overdone blood&gore - and an arrow causing a body to split neatly in two is not a deal-breaker.

Obviously not everyone agrees with that, and that’s fine.

I think it’s fair to say, if there is a toggle for nudity, why not have one for gore as well?

No one is trying to take away anyone’s choice for gore away here, it’s literally giving players an option they currently don’t have. I don’t understand the vitriol behind some of these responses. Read the original post before you react, take a nap, go do breathing exercises.

Do literally anything before posting without properly reading what someone types.