Gore toggle similar to Nudity toggle?

Hey Devs,

Just a quick request. Would it be possible to have a blood/gore/dismemberment toggle similar to how we have a nudity toggle?

I have used a mod for one on single player but obviously cant use it for official. Plus, they eventually all become outdated.

Thank you!!

And for all the “play something else then” npcs, this toggle WILL NOT EFFECT YOU AT ALL. We already have an official toggle for those who would prefer to not see nudity (which I personally am fine with and have no issues with someone who prefers to use that toggle).

I’ve played this game since launch and feel I don’t need to explain why I want this. Everyone else has their preferences, this is mine.

If this game didn’t already have toggles, I wouldn’t even bring this up. Just feel it may be a simple addition.

Thanks again devs!


@Community is this something that is possible to be done? Even if in the future? :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I don’t mind one way or the other, but a gore toggle makes more sense to me than a nudity one. Some people don’t wanna see a person split in half at the waist because they got bonked with a blunt weapon.


I’m all for people having options so I think this would be a nice idea for those who would like it, for whatever reason.


“Broadway” toggle. When turned on, all enemies gracefully fall to the ground in interpretive dance style.

I was thinking it could be more like how they fall when knocked out. No new animations needed.

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i am surprised that this toggle does not already exist as gore is supposed to be banned since 2019 in China where Tencents are based.

There is gore in Conan?

When the body is chopped in half if one looks closely, spine and intestines can be seen.
There’s also blood, more of a pop than a spray.

Or an “Opera” (musical) toggle – when stabbed in the back, instead of bleeding, they sing. :rofl:

On a more serious note, yes, I would like a gore toggle, too. This would be a great addition to the game.

I like the gore, but that being said I think the toggle is good for people who would like a toggle.

They were being sarcastic. :neutral_face:

This would make purges and farming big cities intense. :grimacing:

This one is not good at picking sarcasm up in text only exchanges.

This one could pretend to be trollishly taking the facetious comment and following in kind, but that would be disingenuous…

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