Add more gore and dismemberment

Hi everyone, I’m back on Conan Exiles after a long break!
I saw that many things have been added and even some fatalities, but unfortunately the gore system has remained unchanged.

Here’s my tip!

Slice enemies in two vertically.

More fatal injuries to the head and body in general.

Adding dismemberment on monsters and creatures would also be a good idea!


Hi there @Kenshiroz and welcome to the community, and back to Conan Exiles! With such splended ideas such as this, I am glad you could join us. As one of the forums most enduring proponents of more gore and brutality in Conan Exiles. :smiling_imp: :metal: And frankly let me be the first to say I love your work. I had often felt we needed a vertical slice fatality myself. Limb dismemberment also sounds delectible too. May I also suggest disembowelment (bonus if we can then proceed to choke them with their intestines), and a heart rip for Sorcerers wielding the staff (there is lore to support this one). Oh and do not feet my likeminded fellow, I still have several other ever so delightful ideas at the ready to impart. :smiling_imp: :drop_of_blood:


I wouldn’t mind seeing fatalities on non-Human enemies. Perhaps starting with bipedal Humanoids like Tcho Tcho or Mi-go.


I agree fully, it one of the very few things that set the game apart with how brilliantly brutal death is portrayed in the game, its rated M18 (hate esrb rating system) not just because guns are present in other games or a single brief intimate moment or body part is shown, or just language.

I believe in full creativity of integrity and freedom. Most don’t believe that it should be fully allowed because of (good/bad) parents can’t teach their children the difference between the games and reality and not snicker at the word (boobies) an be more mature than that its (okay to giggle below 10 years of age) but more to the point I would love to see pet followers have fatalities, no benefit other than damage immunity and the brilliance of watching it happen. So lets see more of it.

Welcome to the forums by the way. :partying_face:


Hi guys, thanks for the welcome, I chose Conan Exiles precisely for the gore component compared to other games of the same genre.
I don’t expect semi-realistic damage, but the fights must give some satisfaction!

Since they added fatalities I think it’s time to perfect this aspect of the game too.
For example, it is bad to pierce an enemy with a spear and not see even a small wound on the body, or to pierce the jaw with a sword and not see any damage.

I think it’s all little things that improve the quality of the game.

Even some animation on the slave torturers wouldn’t be bad, maybe a whipping when they’re slacking off, after all it’s a game about Conan the barbarian.

Also, since hunts have been added lately, why not create a system with bounties?

Nothing too complicated: simply tie up an enemy and take him to the gallows and choose a type of execution.

By guessing the correct type of execution for his crimes the player can win the sympathy/dislike of his slaves by receiving bonuses/debuffs in combat.


That too. Let us have an animation of a Greater Sabretooth pinning a Human to the ground, and stabbing them in the neck with their fangs. Expanding on that perhaps, a Greater Sabretooth performing a fatality on a skeleton. Breaking it’s dry, brittle spine with a paw swipe.


Dogs should get to sit and chew the bone a little…

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A Feral Dog, Greater Feral Dog, or named Feral Dog knocking a Human onto their back, and clamping down on their throat ultimately killing them.


A bear going full Revenant on your Leonardo Decaprio knockdown body.


It would also be nice to see some of the NPCs given some fatalities of their own, especially more formidable ones. For example, Thag could pick us up and rip us in two, or the Abyssmal Remnant could spit a large ball of acid melting us down to a puddle of green ooze.


Something akin to Fallout’s Bloody Mess perk that could set off chain reactions in groups. Either killing or maiming the non primary targets or having them cower in fear from witnessing it

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In fallout 4 there was a mod that allowed enemies who lost some limbs in battle to stay alive.
A similar implementation would be nice.

That’s already in the base game. You can blast the arms and legs off of high level ghouls with V.A.T.S. and they’ll survive

Some people chosen the game for some stuff, others for other stuff.
Gore goes along with the other “adult stuff”. Some might not mind if there is overt graphic “adult stuff” of one kinda, some might welcome it, and some might not tolerate it.

I guess it would be more reasonable to expect hard core gore, as with any other hardcore stuff, to be mod territory.

There is already 3 topics on this very forum in which people ask for less gore and toggles for it.

I’m just asking for gore that makes sense. Hitting a person with an arrow should not make their hands fall off.

The amount of gore is, in my opinion, fine. Maybe our characters should get messier when they kill people with sharp objects, and clean themselves by taking a bath, but there’s plenty of blood and loose limbs going around the scenery after raiding a camp.

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It also seems a little strange to me to see people in their legs from an arrow shot, but I try to use my imagination, I don’t know how complicated it could be to connect dismemberment to hitboxes.
But yes, it would actually be another thing to fix.

I think that the gore system of this game needs to be revised and implemented, at least add some variations that go beyond the limbs, head and abdomen.
Even adding elemental damage wouldn’t hurt if they weren’t included.
I have yet to try to set someone on fire.

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