Gore toggle yet?

Well said.
I have to admit that I am surprised (and grateful) for the support shown by so many for this option - I fully expected nothing but the flaming and whining that a few have still vomited out here. I’m encouraged to find so many in the community are able to think sensibly :slight_smile:

Of course, community support, logic, and good sense mean nothing at all if the Devs don’t care, or don’t want to change it (or can’t, because of some underlying issue in the engine) - but only Funcom can answer that.

While we wait for that to happen :confused:, does anyone have the skills, or know someone who has the skills, to pick up Litman’s mods?


I thought the Conan universe was bloody and full of gore? Would you want an anime like Berserk gore censor? Or Overlord? It is like having a Conan game without Conan the barbarian in it.

Not trying to be mean or anything here but I strongly disagree with the toggle.

It is like @Mikey said, if it was a simple 5 minute fix then I would have no problem with it being added. But I am guessing it will not be and I do not want the developers to waste development time and money on a feature that frankly should not be in a game like Conan Exiles.

Conan Exiles is labeled as an M for Mature game and a PEGI rating of 18 and over. Further more the lore and story is considered as dark gritty and brutal fantasy.
So in all honesty if you are a person who gets easily offended by animated blood and gore or some nudity, this probably is not the game for you.
If you want to switch so your kids can play then I would suggest maybe waiting till they are old enough…the ratings are there for a reason.


I wouldn’t be so sure. Samurai used to test the quality of their swords by slicing through cadavers and convicted criminals, and would mark the tang with things like how many bodies it cut through simultaneously. And we’re not talking just aiming for the soft parts either. I’d imagine that with a strong enough swing one could get similar results with a claymore. So it’s not quite as over the top as you think.

Still, I can see why people might consider that too realistic and want the option to tone it down.

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While I have no problem with the gore myself and often find it hilarious (dude, why did your feet fall off when I shot you in the chest?), I’m always in favor of players being able to tailor their experience to their preferences so this gets my vote as well.

Also ha ha at the people in this thread getting legit upset at people whose gaming preferences will literally never effect them in their actual lives ever.


You speak like you support “Gore on , nudity bad” thing.
Why the FK you disagree with this idea ?!
If you think gore option is bad then there shouldn’t be nudity option . Then let the Nudity should have stayed uncensored in game.

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My main problem with the toggle switch thing is simply I do NOT want Funcom to waste time and money on such an option. It should have been in the game from the start but it never made it.
I really just think it is too late to ask for this now.

But If its easy to implement, go for it by all means!

So just to reinforce my feelings…Gore guts evisceration castration amputation disembowelment and torture are all very good nudity is even better. What can I say, I am an all gore and nudity kind of guy

:metal: :smiling_imp:


Oh … ^^ ok

The practice of Tameshigiri was intended to test the sword’s cutting efficiency. If a sword made the target explode messily, it probably didn’t cut very well.

Also, the testing was most commonly made against targets that were bound tightly in place, whether it was a sack of rice or a live person. Thus all the cutting power was directed at the target, which couldn’t move out of the way. A mobile target tends to yield somewhat when struck, making it significantly harder, if not impossible, to cut through bone with a lightweight sword.

That said, cleaving through human bodies is entirely thematic to Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories. I suspect Howard had never used a sword or seen what a sword blow does to a man. A lot of his depictions of fighting action are unrealistic and pure fantasy - but heck, it’s cool. In real life, swords won’t cut through metal armor - but in games, movies and fantasy books, they do, all the time.

Exactly my point. It’s a video game. It doesn’t look real…not even close…If you read my original reply…Sadly, I know from experience. However, it IS a video game and if you can’t take the “blood and guts” here dear God, please lock yourself in your home as you are NOT ready for the real world and what waits for you as you get older. (assuming you’re young)

Guys, we seriously need to toughen up here. I mean do you guys even realize how weak you sound crying about half-■■■ gore in a video game of in a world of ■■■ and violence? I mean, seriously. Some people even complained about it in another game called Friday the 13th!!! WTF? Seriously…If you don’t like games that are violent then go play mario cart or something else. Why even subject yourself to stuff YOU KNOW is going to have blood and gore. Hell, it’s even labeled that way.

I don’t know if other games like Conan have the blood and gore but you could go play those.

For those wondering why I’m against spending time and resources on something like this in general. You have to think of it from this perspective.

You get up every morning and follow your morning routine. Every day you go through your wake up, breakfast food or snack or whatever, then head out for your day. Suddenly, you have a friend that needs a place to stay and allow them to move in for a bit. A week goes by and suddenly, your roommate starts to complain that they don’t like they way you go through your normal every day routine and asks you to change it.

Is that right? No. Not at all. Its the way the routine is run and it’s my home. You have no right to even ask me to change it as you’re MY guest.

The similar scenario is here or in any game for that matter. There are plenty of warnings. Hell the intro video starts out with dripping blood. You knew what you were getting into and personally I think it’s wrong to even ask a game to make changes for issues like that.

It’s like anything else. If you don’t like mayo…don’t put it on your food. Don’t like a TV show, don’t watch it. Don’t like guns, don’t buy one. Stop trying to change someone else to suit YOU.

This is not a game lesson…It’s a life lesson. It only builds resentment.

Again for those of you sensitive people. If you heard me say this in person you wouldn’t think this was harsh. So read it in a pleasant voice. And if anything I’ve said upsets you, then you’re part of the problem with over sensitivity of today’s society.

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Wow. Really?

I could waste time replying and pointing out what’s wrong with all of that - but it would, indeed, be a waste of time. I guess I will try anyway.

You seem so desperate for people to know you have ‘seen things’; you should probably get some help, and this is not the place for it. If you genuinely have traumatic experiences, which have affected you, and yet you still can’t understand how other people, with other experiences, may have been effected in other ways, then I think that speaks volumes. If, however, your repetition of how messed up your experiences have been is, as I suspect it is, simply a lame attempt to delegitimise others’, then you should definitely be taking that elsewhere. When your response to someone saying “we could make this easier for people with trauma and other issues relating to gore” is to start listing the gory stuff you’ve seen, followed by “and I don’t complain” - as if that matters - then you need to have a serious think about what kind of person you are. Who does that?

“Other people shouldn’t get to choose not to see blood in a game, because I’ve seen beheaded children and I still like gore” - does that really sound like a sane point of view?

As for trying to insist that people here are weak, and ‘crying’ over gore in the game? Grow the f* up. Are you a child? Were you not hugged enough? Literally no-one here is whining or crying about stuff, except you and the few others who insist that other people having options somehow takes away from you acting like a gleeful psychopath.

Plus, I can guarantee I’ve seen worse than you - but this isn’t a ■■■■■■■ contest, and this switch isn’t for me - or you - it is for those who want and need it, and is something that Funcom has been promising for years and failing to deliver.

Try applying any of your ‘logic’ to the fact that the game has a nudity switch, and see if it makes sense (“I’ve seen boobs - everyone should be forced to see them! Boobs happen in real life! Someone even showed me his junk once!”). If you can’t handle reasoned discussion, sensibly, without calling people weak, trying to trigger people, and ranting like a loon, then please don’t bother trying; you are adding nothing to the conversation here, you are just whining like a spoiled child who thinks that other people getting candy somehow devalues the candy you already have.


You clearly needed to read a few of my topics. I support full nudity as well as full gore. I wish I could have full nudity in the USA version of Conan Exiles. I am also anti-Nudity toggles as well. In the Conan universe you would be fully nude or at least those cloth rags would slowly rip as more skin shows.

You say you support full nudity as well as full gore, based on your understanding of the lore. Fine. That’s your choice, and I support you in it. But, of course, we already have a nudity switch - which you admit you are against.

So, the reality isn’t that you ‘support’ full anything - the reality is that you are anti-choice: you don’t want other people to be able to play the game in a way that you don’t like to play. That’s a strange way to think.

Wanting to deny access to something may be censorship - but the opposite of censorship is freedom to choose, not forcing everyone to have the same experience. When someone wants to ban a book, it is right to call for the book to be available - but demanding that everyone who reads must read that book? That would be nuts.

You want full nudity, because you dislike that others have taken that choice from you - but you also want to make sure no-one else has any choice; everyone must have what you want, nothing else.

If you’ve read any Conan, then I’m sure you know that the gore in Conan Exiles is well wide of the mark with regards to the intent of the gore in the Conan canon, but the nudity is not too far off (in most regards, at least). Someone at Funcom understands what the nudity in Conan’s universe is for; but when it came to adding gore to Conan Exiles, they missed the mark. And yet, the nudity can be disabled, without harming the gameplay, according to Funcom. They know full well that the same is true for the gore - especially given that it is much less in keeping with the source material - but have chosen not to allow for choice. Had they added the choice at release, as they claimed they would, people like you wouldn’t care - but the idea of them allowing choice now has you wailing and gnashing, as if they are taking something from you. Why?


Why did you buy this game? You knew it would have blood and gore. It also stated nudity. I preorded the game for future promised of rare sorcery. Necromancery and Lichdom are very rarely given to the player. As well as gore and nudity. Conan Exiles isn’t suppose to be a nice place. Kill or be killed is the world’s vibe.

You’re complaining that people need to read more of your posts, yet you are clearly not even reading this thread.

You preordered based on a future promise of sorcery? Well, given that there is current lore, in the game, which explicitly prohibits sorcery existing within Exiles, how do you feel about having bought the game on the promise of something that Funcom are now not delivering? That is exactly the situation faced by those who have trusted the promise of a gore switch.

I’m honestly not sure why I am bothering to explain any of this to you, though - you’re not actually reading, and you don’t really care - at this point, you’re clearly just trolling.


That is untrue and unfair to expect that I didn’t read your posts. I readed everyone of your posts. I do not troll. I feel the more we censor the less this game fits the 17+ rating.

I don’t think it is unfair or untrue to point out that you are not reading posts when you are demonstrating it so clearly.
Also, who’s censoring anything? The only possible reason for you to claim that anything being discussed is censorship is either you have not read anything, or you’re trolling - or both. Sorry, but future posts from you will be ignored. If you don’t understand why, you could start by reading the rest of the thread.


You’re asking for a gore toggle. To turn off gore is to censor the game. You might as well play a PG 13 game. I am also guessing you have full nudity off as well.

What you’re failing to grasp is that a toggle is in no way a form of censorship, it is the option to turn something on and off fitting to a person’s particular tastes or preference. A gore toggle would be no different to the nudity toggle already in the game, someone else’s settings in no way affect yours. The only ways a gore toggle would affect you, are if you actively turn it on or if you’re on a private server and the admin has it on, but as you have said multiple times that you play single player, that second factor is a non issue.

Nobody here is arguing that a gore toggle is censorship apart from you, because it would seem you’re the only one here oblivious to what a toggle or even censorship actually means. Giving a player the option to turn something on and off never has, and never will be considered censorship.

Your myriad posts not just in this thread, but also in others show an alarming sense of entitlement, that you feel Funcom should bow to your suggestions, yet suggestions that either don’t fit your tastes or go against your point of view should either be given little attention or outright ignored.


Then explain me this , why the FCk Funcom didn’t let nudity stayed uncensored in game without an option for it like how Gore is?!