Can you help me? A feature i need Conan Exiles to have!

I’m fine with everything else Conan has. it’s just general gore in the combat. arms heads legs falling of or being cut in half. I want to kill someone in combat and they drop. like most games. I loved Fallout before I was ill but now I hate it’s gore and can’t play it anymore. it just the gore in the combat that I want an option to turn off. thanks for asking :slight_smile:

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Were you going to get this for PS4?

I’ll kick this off by stating that I am not averse to the idea of a gore-off option in this or any game, but I should also point out that you fall squarely outside of the targetted demographic for this game in both capacity and age. I would not be surprised in the least if this request of yours fell flat. Nor would I condemn the devs for it.

Sad fact of life is that no one can please everyone, these guys have made their choice and they have made it pretty clear that there are people they will not attempt to cater to as to bring out a more focused and overall better product.

Though I personally don’t advocate you playing this game, should you persist with it, I could only point you to the modding community to find what you seek.


Hey Georgia! :slight_smile:

I’ve made the suggestion to the dev team, and while I can’t promise anything, we’ll see about looking into adding this as an option to the game. If it’s something we end up doing it might not come right away.


yes I was :frowning: waiting on this option to be added until I get it :slight_smile:

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that’s okay. as long as it eventually does get implemented. it will help big time. and open up your game to more customers. :slight_smile:

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this is nothing to do with age. I want to play Conan for the other things. building with my friends and exploring and killing bosses. having fun and a general laugh. but I can’t have this die to the gore. it’s just the gore in the general combat. like cutting people in half with things or arms and legs falling off. I just want the arms and heads to stay on and the guy just drop on the floor with no parts falling of his body. it’s all I ask. and I’m on ps4 so no mods. :slight_smile:

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Hi Georgia, Ok so you do no There’s not going to be mods for PS4, thats the reason i asked :slight_smile:

yep. I know. no mods for ps4. that’s why I need this feature to play :smile:

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IMO the simplest option to add this would be to add a tick box that makes it so that every enemy that dies, dies from the bleed death animation, so they just look like they suffocate then fall to the floor, no gory dismemberment etc.

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exactly what I want

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