Remove/Replace Spiders on Xbox?

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Misc]

I have really been enjoying this game and I have a freind who I think would also love it. The problem is that he is a serious arachnophobe. He saw one clip of someone fighting a spider and decided he would never play the game. He’s done this before. If there is any chance he will run into even a semi-realistic looking spider in a game, he won’t play it at all. Webs creep him out a bit, but it’s the spiders themselves that set him off. He barely tolorates the spiders in Minecraft.

To the point, it would be really nice to be able to swap spiders with something else. There is a mod on PC, but he does not have a computer powerful enough to run the game. He does have an Xbox though. Is there a chance that mods will come to Xbox? Or at the very least the spider replacer mod as a server setting?

I’m sorry to hear about his fear, that’s never fun to endure. That being said I doubt they’ll be able to do that for one person. I don’t mean to come off mean but it’s a cost vs. return equation. The spiders are really prevalent in the game to the point that we have a whole dungeon for them. Mods are easy because they are often made by volunteer players. If we were to get mod support on Xbox One then perhaps the anti-spider mod could be moved over but I don’t know if that would ever happen.

I’m also an arachnophobe. However only once I fought the huge one, was I able to ignore it.

Yea, I think they won’t be able to help you, but maybe a modder can help you turn them into cute adorable plantpots with cacti?

There are a only a few spots on the map where spiders roam. If you can map out their locations and simply just keep him away from them, could that work as a plausible solution?

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Possibly, but they’d have to watch out for the purge.

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Purges are rare occasions and with the proper fortifications I’m sure you’d never have to see a purge enemy? I personally have not seen a purge yet despite putting 100+ hours in an official server. So, I am not the most knowledgeable on the matter of purges.

me and a buddy had a small base near teliths island and got 11 rounds of spiders during a purge… they spawned inside our base…