Idea for server transfer

Remove the ability to transfer with items and ony transfer knowledge and lvl. Next add a sorce of eldarium to the exiled lands (dose not have to be guaranteed just a way to get it).

I like the idea of transferring only the character; like time travel in the first terminator movie you go naked and with nothing in your inventory.

Disagree strongly regarding eldarium in EL.

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Well if you have it drop from end game dungon bosses like 2 or 3 piece of decaying eldarium and only a chane of it droping ther will be more reasons to go to the dungeons

Just deliver the same effects on new legendary items. Truth be told we say eldarium but what we really mean is gloves of jhil

I think you mean to just give us the items on Exiled Lands (and EL items on Siptah). And to that, I say yes. I don’t want to limit myself because of no transfers and I’m not willing to compromise JUST transferring my character since I want to bring say… dogs or other companions over… maybe unique thralls that I have duplicates of.

Gloves of Jhil, Harpy Spears, Demon Helmets, Corsair armour, Sapping Blade, Great Axe of the Great Wolf. Probably more i can’t think of.

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