Idea for solving block spam: The Clense

Basic idea behind the Cleanse: It’s basically the Purge, but based on how much you build and instead of NPCs coming for your stuff it’s players and is based on how many foundations/pillars you’ve placed…(With an adjustable threshold to be decided by the server admin, so that every time you exceed the build threshold your structures become destructible for a set period of time that can go up to infinity if the server host so desires. It of course refreshes if you build past the threshold again…)

Naturally you’d be warned when you or your clan getting close so you can decide if you want to push for it or not… While the cleanse is active your structures can be destroyed and you can be PvPed while within the claim radius of your structures… (As can anyone attacking your stuff. It wouldn’t be fun if you couldn’t defend your castle right?)