Idea : New attribute for thrall managing/gameplay

The idea :
Create a new attribute (alongside Strenght, Agility …) called “charisma” (or leadership ?) that will concern thralls, enslavement, maybe multiplayer buff …

Some possibilities :

  • Band leader : Capacity to be followed by more thralls (2 followers by default for example, up to 6 ?)
  • Buff of thrall damage / damage reduction when they follow you ?
  • Slave killer : buff of damage AGAINST other players thralls (to balance the previous one and give some protection against thralls spam in pvp)
  • Enslaver : accelerating thrall enslaving process ?
  • Warcry : Little buff for clanmates in a small area for Pvp/Pve group fight ? (but not stackable to avoid spam)
  • Tamer of the Exiles lands : Capacity to tame special creatures of special NPC (explosives bearers, berserkers, builders ?)

Why ?
Diversification of gameplay : Player would have the possibility to choose if they want a strong solo character or a band leader of thralls fighting for him, but harder to move (no climbing) and much more visible.

Group gameplay : Could be a little strategic role in group. Puppy the Stygian is now a kind of puppet master surrounded by thralls, that must be quickly downed to prevent him from buffing everyone.

Balance : could satisfy players who want strong thralls and those who don’t want, cause it would now be a gameplay choice for everyone at the cost of attributes points. Ennemy players spam thralls ? Then it means those players are weaker in some attributes and can be focus. Ennemy doesn’t use Charisma/Leadership ? Then it means that your thralls are possibly much numerous and dangerous that his and that you can "zerg’. Everyone use Charisma/Leadership ? Then this will be a bloody massacre.

Not much effort : Thrall and Attribute system are already created. War cry just need some emote animation. Number/% balance will be the key.

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