Single of thralls

I would like to see single-player receive the ability to create a small party with the thralls. Not sure the best party size (4-6).

The thralls would need some advanced commands to be able to control them in combat. And some combat stances. Fitting some traditional party roles; tank, dps, ranged dps, etc.

I know some replies will be to just play with other real life people. Not everyone wants to play with other people. Not everyone has the time for an online persistent server.


I agree with your idea. Even though I play only on MP servers I would enjoy having a party of thralls to back me up. SP play is all well and good, but MP seems to be more alive. Anyway…

I recently found a bearer thrall, and I love the way they made it so her follow works ( i just wish she had more slots for carrying things). I need to be able to tell her not to engage in combat. I’m more afraid I’ll kill her myself than the tigers! She needs a ‘role’ which specifies she is to act only defensively.

The party system could disabled friendly fire (as an option). A party system like this could include both players and thralls (pets?).

I would like to see stances like aggressive (increase dps lower defence), neutral (balance dps and defense), and defensive (increase defense, lower dps) for thralls.

Commands like attack, stay, guard, disengage, taunt.

I kinda imagine the old old school d&d warrior, cleric, thief, and mage kinda party…But more with the swords and sorcery Conan setting.

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Anyone with experience with modding and the devKit know if anything like this is current possible as a mod?

making the slot more for bearer is possible. Making your attack not to hurt your own thrall im sure its doable… Ive made a player cannot do damg all thrall. But im sure one could extract ownership ID and link it to the player and make it where you cannot do damage to your own thrall.

it would be a awesome feature to have more than 1 thrall following you, even if’s just for singleplayer or like a slot filler for clans